My wife and I would like to adopt a child who has been abandoned at the Southern Border.

Your donation will make it possible to save a child and give her a loving, Christ centered home where she will be raised for God!

If you choose to help, you will not only make it possible for us, but you will be rescuing a child from a possible life of misery and giving her a happy and joyful home!

Also, Desen Enterprises is dedicated to evangelizing the world for Jesus and preaching the gospel to every corner of the earth. We have multiple websites, free books, free mobile apps and advertise on multiple platforms with our own money.

See our website, here:

Your donation will help us expand our advertising campaigns and allow us to be able to reach more lost souls for Jesus and the Kingdom of God!

If you choose to donate to one of our causes, please let us know which you've chosen and the donation will be marked for that.

Thank you!
Dan and Kelleen