My Plan:

purchase and develop bare land in Northern AZ @ about I40 and 93 junction. I will have 25 solar panels and 2 wind generators to start, add more when needed. Add water and septic with 2rvs and one storage trailer to start for Linda, Lindsee, myself plus 2 dogs and 2 cats.

Once that’s in place I’ll add a power shed to house solar support. Next is water tank to store 5000 gallons inside or under ground to prevent freezing, AZ has cold night temps. Then a Community Shower, laundry, restroom available. A common area to gather and enjoy Friday night potlucks.

My goal is 10 RV/mini home spaces. As long as there not placed Permanent they can stay as long or as little as they like. I have NO EXIT plan. I have no need to make money so it will be a donation pay what you can to help maintain and God Willing Grow the comforts for everyone.

IF you are a Veteran, Single male/female looking for safe place. IF you can’t see your way out of financial losses due to the economy, you’ll have a soft landing Debt Free Living as long as you need…

If you see something in my dream you feel good about please consider donating here. I can do this without help it just takes longer and leaves my personal account light. As you know I just incurred a whooping 6 days in Covid Unit. Thankful I just signed up on Medicare in December. I’m told I will be very surprised at how well Medicare covers the bill🙏 

God was with me then and I pray he’s with me to achieve my dream now.🙏

Thank for your prayers.🙏

Help if you can!❤️