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Hi everyone!

This Fall, I have an exciting opportunity to be a part of a leadership training called Circuit Riders Experience! I would love to invite you to help send me to this training :)

What is Circuit Riders Experience?
CR Experience is a 7-month (October 1, 2019- May 1, 2020) training in Huntington Beach, California, with the organizations Circuit Riders and Youth With A Mission (YWAM). 
This training brings together evangelists, student leaders, missionaries, musicians, and artists to work on innovative projects to reach America with the love and gospel of Jesus!

What will I be doing?
We specifically focus during this time on reaching college students and campuses of America. The last 3 months of the program, we will be doing an outreach where we tour major universities across America and host events to share the gospel of Jesus. CR Experience is also a certified Discipleship Training School (DTS) which will open the door for me to work with YWAM anywhere in the world if I choose to later down the line. 

This 7-month training will equip me with the following skill sets: 

• Learn to walk in a life of deep personal devotion and discipline
• Learn to become a confident and impactful communicator in a variety of settings
• Learn how to disciple a new believer in the ways of Jesus
• Learn to walk a believer into freedom through the power of repentance
• Learn how to effectively share the gospel in a variety of ways
• Learn to plan and implement gatherings on university campuses

Why do I want to do CR Experience?
Jesus has moved in me so profoundly this past year and given me such a passion to share His love with the world! God is moving in our generation and I am so excited learn more and to share the same joy and hope that Jesus has given me to everyone! 

However, to get to do this training, I need your help! The total cost is about $8,000, which includes tuition, housing, & outreach costs for our evangelistic tour across universities. By working,  I have saved $5,000 for CR Experience and still need to raise $3,000.

If you would like to help contribute to the work God is doing NOW in our generation, here are
Ways you can give:

Anything makes a difference. Even if you are not able to give financially, your prayers are powerful and would be so appreciated! I pray and believe that the Lord will bless your giving tremendously. Thank you for being willing to partner with me, support me, and believe in what Jesus is doing!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at or my phone number if you have it :) 

Make sure to check back here as I will be posting updates on what I am doing!

Much love, 
Danielle Valladares

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2019-09-09 03:16:14

Jeremiah 29:11

Cheryl Rue

2019-09-12 20:24:17

Blessings upon you as you choose to follow God’s lead!

Jorge M Valladares

2019-09-24 20:12:00

Best wishes on your endeavor to be of service to others and to learn God’s word.

Palmira Reyes

2019-10-24 00:58:08

I'm very proud of you, Danielle. I pray that this will be an amazing experience for you and that you will continue to shine bright for the Lord all the days of your life. Remember this, "It's not your abilities but your availability" that He looks for. He will do the rest! The Lord will bless your life and your effort, it may not be with earthly riches necessarily, but spiritual blessings will abound in your life which have a far greater value. God richly bless you. Eph. 1:16-19.

Compassion In Action Intl

2019-12-30 21:32:11

Hi Danielle, this is a small token towards your goal. Blessed and Happy New Year!

December 23, 2019, 9:44 pm
facebook twitter

The lecture phase of Discipleship Training School is over and I am home for Christmas break! These past 3 months have been marked by personal and spiritual growth. Here is some personal revelation and other things that have marked me in this season:

  • How I am deeply and intimately known and loved by God.
  • God is not distant. He wants to communicate with us 24/7. Be still and let the Holy Spirit lead you every moment.
  • How much He loves and pursues each individual person and wants a relationship with them.
  • I am walking in boldness like never before.
  • I am ready and eager to share the gospel.
  • Jesus defeated Satan once and for all on the cross and I can walk in victory every day.
  • Miracles and healings are for today.
  • God will provide financially and for every need I have.
In addition to everything I have learned, I have made the sweetest, most amazing friends in Circuit Riders. Everyone is so genuine and I've never seen so many young people on fire and in love with Jesus. This generation is filled with fiery eyed revivalists! Together, us Circuit Riders, have laughed, prayed, cried, worshipped Jesus, and shared the gospel with so many. We have prayed for people and seen supernatural healings. We have seen people with no hope and on the verge of suicide, give their lives to Jesus and be completely transformed by joy and peace. In different teams, we have gone to countless college campuses in Los Angeles and Orange County to listen to students and share Jesus with them. On our off time, many of us have gone down to the beach to hold worship sessions, preach the gospel, and pray for people as well.

Although this lecture phase in Huntington Beach has ended, we are not done! In January, the 300 of us are going on tour! We are being split into different teams and going to different regions all across the USA and International to preach the gospel on college and high school campuses! On these campuses, we will be hosting 2 night events called "Carry the Love" where we will worship, preach the gospel, pray for people, baptize people and whatever else God wants to do through us as we transform campuses and lives. My team of about 15 is going to the Northeast region (specifically NY, ME, VT, PA) then the Southeast region (FL, GA, TN). Once we fly to the East Coast, we will be traveling by van and have all our luggage packed with us! We will be staying in host homes with people kind enough to open their homes and hearts to us. 

This is going to be a challenging time being on the road, but it will be so worth it!
We appreciate all your prayers and support!
I still need a little over $2,000 for flights, travel expenses, food, health insurance, etc, so please pray about giving financially; it would be appreciated more than you know!
The methods to give (including a tax deductible link) are on the home page.

God bless you all.
Love, Danielle Valladares  

Update 10/19/19
October 19, 2019, 8:27 pm
facebook twitter

Hi everyone! It's been almost 3 weeks since I've moved to Huntington Beach and started the program with Circuit Riders! I'm living with 9 other ladies in a house by the beach! There are  a total of approximately 300 of us young fiery eyed revivalists who have come from all walks of life and all different countries and states to be here. It's quite amazing to hear all the stories and confirmations of how each of us was called to be here at this moment in time to be a part of this catalyst movement! I've never seen so many people with a deep love for Jesus. It's truly inspiring. 

I've been learning and growing so much in all areas, from learning how to live with 9 ladies with different personalities and quirks, to growing deeper in understanding and relationship with Jesus. Everything I’ve learned growing up in church is finally going from head knowledge to a deep understanding. Being a Christian is so much more than going to church, singing a few songs, greeting people, listening to a sermon, and trying to make it out quickly before anyone talks to you lol. Being a Christian means to be constantly in relationship with God, talking to Him, listening to Him, and letting Him lead you. It’s a friendship and partnership with the God of the universe. I’m learning how much He really loves and His deep desire to see everyone completely whole in Him. 

I’m seeing the Holy Spirit move in incredible ways. I believed the Holy Spirit still moves today but I’m actually getting to see and experience it. These are just some of the testimonies from this week:

A person who had an xray that his nose was broken (he got hit with a hard memory foam pillow in a pillow fight lol) was prayed for after the xray and was healed instantly. This just shows you that God even cares about the smallest little funny thing. If we ask with faith, He will do anything according to His will! Also this week, I saw a man go from cursing us for preaching the gospel one minute to 30 minutes later confessing Jesus as Lord haha! I’m seeing the book of Acts alive today!

We are already starting to go to local college campuses to share the love of Jesus with young students. My team goes to UCLA every Wednesday and it’s not easy! Most of these students are so closed off to the name of Jesus and the term Christian. You can tell there’s deep hurt and bitterness towards religion but yet they are still searching for truth and love. Prayerfully, our love and genuine care for them will break off any idea they have about Christianity as a religion and rules, and that they will see it as a beautiful relationship with the One who came to save their souls. 

Please support me in prayers and with any financial donation! ️
Thank you <3

Update #1 (Continued)
September 17, 2019, 11:57 pm
facebook twitter

...During the ending worship, while everyone was jumping for joy and singing about God's goodness and freedom, I clearly had this mental image of me running. As I was running, I saw a person hunched over on the ground and I could feel the darkness of the oppression and chains that were holding this person. Without stopping, I grabbed their hand and pulled them up and they looked at me with such joy. They were free and we started running together and saw another oppressed person on the ground and we pulled him up and he ran with us. Over and over again this happened until it was a whole crowd of people running and freeing people from oppression. It was amazing. This is the revival that is coming and I'm so grateful to be a part of what Jesus is doing through Circuit Riders.
I can't wait to give you guys more updates!  Thanks for reading <3


Update #1
September 17, 2019, 9:49 pm
facebook twitter

Circuit Riders started the Fall season of Monday Worship nights again in Huntington Beach, CA. I went with my mom and sister, last night and going there, I didn't quite know what to expect, except a Jesus movement, and that's exactly what it was. Upon arriving to the rented out venue, I was greeted at the door by crazy, excited young people. If you know me, you know that I can get just as crazy, but I'm usually an even-keeled type of person, so my reaction was, "Oh boy, here it goes...". There were hundreds of young people inside and you could just tell there was something different about them. They all had this joy and genuinely wanted to be there to praise Jesus. It was not a church service where people are forced to go. Worship started and Gabby ushered me to come to the front with her and all the other crazy excited Christians. I said no, but she told me to come a second time, and I still refused. A third time she told me to come, so I rolled my eyes, and with a smile, I told her, "Okay". She was happy and we both proceeded to the front. Everyone worshiped Jesus so genuinely in their own way; some had their hands outstretched, some were clapping, others were on the ground kneeling, still others were jumping up and down and shouting, but everyone was connected to the Holy Spirit. I just closed my eyes and I saw myself worshiping Jesus in heaven along with the angels and all these people. It was a glimpse of heaven.

When worship concluded, this older pastor came up to preach. It was funny (in a good way) how an old guy was coming to preach to a mostly young adult crowd. His message was about the man in Mark 5 who was possessed by a legion of demons. The demons trembled at the very sight of Jesus. Jesus told the demons to come out and they all did and the man was restored. The man begged to come with Jesus but Jesus did not let him and said, "Go home to your own people and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he had mercy on you." (Mark 5:19). The pastor said, "You can have all the "quiet time" with Jesus you want, but if you don't go out and tell people about what He's done for you, what is the point?" He spoke of the revival that came through Billy Graham and that revival is coming now. He talked about how Billy Graham in the 70's was talking about how there were demons released that bound people into drug addiction and sex addiction. He told us that there are spirits released in our generation of mass murders and suicide. He urged us to go out and preach the saving message of Jesus because it is a life and death situation. That's exactly what it is- life or death. If we have this saving message within us, how dare we keep it to ourselves? How dare we be afraid of what others think of us? We need to be bold and not pussyfoot around when it comes to should I talk to this person about Jesus or shouldn't I? Or what will they think of me? It doesn't matter. People's lives are at stake.This reality hit me last night. That very day, I had been struggling with holding on to the money I've saved in my savings account. I didn't want to drain this money for missions, I wanted to use it to save up for a down payment on a house in the next couple years. Jesus hit me last night and I surrendered. My money is not my own, it's God's. His grace gave me the ability to work to save up this money. If my bank account ever gets to $0, I will gladly accept it if it means I used this money for missions to reach even 1 lost soul. God will provide as He always does. I take joy in being His servant and being His precious daughter. All hail King Jesus. He is worthy. So many people are struggling and need this hope. The pastor concluded his message with a call to surrender everything to Jesus....

My story and Circuit Riders
September 17, 2019, 9:03 pm
facebook twitter

Hi everyone!
Here is some of my story:
I've felt the calling on my life to be a missionary since I was a about 12 years old and this past season of my life has been preparing me for this. I recommitted my life to following Jesus last September after hearing the testimony of John Ramirez- ex Satan worshiper turned Christian evangelist. Before recommitting my life to serving Jesus, I had turned away from God for 6 years of my life and my life became a living hell, but by the grace of God, he saved me and never turned His back on me. Ever since then, I have this fire to share this saving message with the world, so they can experience the same freedom and joy that is found only in Jesus! This past year I knew God was preparing me for something big and I now know exactly what it is...Circuit Riders Experience!

Here's some background info on how I learned about Circuit Riders (CR) and decided to do Circuit Riders Experience (CRX):
My sister, Gabby, did a 2 week program with Circuit Riders in Hawaii this summer and came back with so many stories of how God was moving. There were healings and stories of freedom. One girl who was wheelchair bound got up out of her chair and started walking! Praise God! Even I received freedom from a struggle I was having the very first night she was there! I texted Gabby to tell her that I had a major victory that day and she told me that she and others there had been praying for my freedom that very day and I had no idea! Only God could have done this! Through my own experience and through hearing the many testimonies that Gabby told me about, I decided to check out the CR website. I saw that they had a 7 month missionary program starting in October and I immediately knew this was for me. I prayed about it and God confirmed it in many ways. I don't know exactly what my life will look like after CRX, but I'm beyond excited to step into this new season of my life and allowing God to use me to bring His salvation message to the world! 

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Danielle Valladares Santa Clarita, CA

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Hi Danielle, this is a small token towards your goal. Blessed and Happy New Year!

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I'm very proud of you, Danielle. I pray that this will be an amazing experience for you and that you will continue to shine bright for the Lord all the days of your life. Remember this, "It's not your abilities but your availability" that He looks for. He will do the rest! The Lord will bless your life and your effort, it may not be with earthly riches necessarily, but spiritual blessings will abound in your life which have a far greater value. God richly bless you. Eph. 1:16-19.

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Best wishes on your endeavor to be of service to others and to learn God’s word.

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Blessings upon you as you choose to follow God’s lead!

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Jeremiah 29:11

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