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Lorenzy, the only girl amongst a slew of boys… what keeps her sain? The understanding of the calling of God on her life…

Lorenzy is an Australian young lady who has lived her life in her native homeland, the USA, Mexico and Nicaragua. Lorenzy was born in Queanbeyan hospital in the year 2000 (Queanbeyan is located in the Australian southern highlands, just across the border from the Australian capital, Canberra).

Lorenzy has a bossy older sister, an imaginative (crazy) younger brother and is the older sister to a loveable yet eccentric youngest brother. Lorenzy has lived her life in church, being dragged from service to prayer meeting, to Bible class, to counselling session, to music practice, the church office, etc.

Lorenzy was home-schooled by her loving mother amongst an incredible home-school community in Canberra (Her family thanks GOD for the people surrounding them during those days).

Lorenzy has never had the voice to say “boo.” For her first year in Mexico, Lorenzy received special Spanish language classes. At the end of that year, Lorenzy was moved into the mainstream Spanish class and was reunited with her Mexican and Korean classmates.

At the commencement of her second year at school in Guadalajara, Lorenzy’s Spanish teacher came running to her father’s classroom in a fit of giggles. She showed a note written by Lorenzy, protesting her move from Special Spanish Class to Regular Spanish Class. The teacher explained that the note was in perfect Spanish, grammar and all, and that not even her best and most fluent Spanish speaking students would have been able to write a note that well…

Since the work of The Nicavangelists began in 2011, Lorenzy has been home-educated (Mostly via Alpha Omega Academy in Iowa). Lorenzy is a straight-A student and whilst completing her home based education, has also been a leader and the prime educator of her fellow team mates in English language and general education classes.

Lorenzy has travelled extensively throughout North & Central America working with kids living in poverty, with kids from gangs, with socialist youth party members (Formerly communist, now claiming socialist values, the youth movement’s larger organisation is exhibiting dictatorial tendencies), etc. Lorenzy may be as quiet as a mouse, but she is a rock on which one can depend.

The drive of The Nicavangelists is to share their hope with people from every nation, so that they too may know the security of an eternal love. Whilst sharing this love, Lorenzy has found herself in the middle of knife and machete fights, hiding whilst gunmen patrol the compound, sleeping whilst gang members watch her, surrounded by young men in prison, etc. Lorenzy has learnt to fear God and to be as wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove.

As Lorenzy nears the end of her childhood education, she has sought God on his desire for her life. Lorenzy will work towards taking over an arm of The Nicavangelists’ ministry, and hence needs some further training in missions. In 2018 Lorenzy is stepping out in faith and will complete a Discipleship Training School with Youth With A Mission in a secret location (Secret for a variety of reasons). Lorenzy’s outreach will be to a Moslem population outside of the Western Hemisphere.

Please consider partnering with Lorenzy as she is trained up to lead people in reaching the world with an eternal love…

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