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Andrew Bryant DFGPgroup non profit Little Rock, AR Follow

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This campaign is set to help us grow in our ministry! Our mission is to uplift, encourage & inspire as we brand the awareness that we all have Purpose. For that matter we're #DFGP #DesignedForGodsPurpose. We do this by extending our services, programs, our apparel line, jewelry, wall art, etc. Our core values are trancparency, love & integrity which we believe will produce a better quality of life. The tools, knowledge & skills we share displays a genuine passion of inspiration. Our focus is to be BOLD, courageous & assertive having affirmative scriptural teachings become imperative inspiration to the nation! Giving hope and serving as a reminder on the dark days, or when life seems as a maze, to dig heels deep and remember we're victors and can do all things through Christ because we declare that WE ARE #DFGP #DesignedForGodsPurpose !

We also have a heart & committment to serve as a partner with other charities, organizations & businesses. Funds help us to become the premier global and international organization we plan to be. Our vision furthers to have a headquarter of establishment for our highly desired 4 focus areas.  1.less fortunate locally & internationally. 2.inmate rehabilitation center. 3.battered womens shelter & 4. a high focus on developing leaders within the youth through our youth programs.

This cause can not be done without your support! Help us bring to you the brand #DFGP #DesignedForGodsPurpose, to give God the Glory, spread His message that we are all purposeful by supporting us as we promote peace & aid healing to the world! We seek support to effectively run programs, provide adequete services, build headquarters, media production, furnishings, electronics, staff, marketing, web designer, inspirational merchandise & apparel, etc. We thank EVERYONE who becomes a part of this movement & vision. May God bless you with a Double portion anointing, for your generous tax deductible gifts. As you sow into this faith-based ministry, we believe our platform will serve as the foundation for better quality of life, spiritual increase, peace,  & a decrease towards poverty, war, dysfunctionalism, & institutionalism. By what we make happen for others, God will make happen for us (you).

Lets #uplift, #encourage & #inspire. Join us by doing your part, youre DFGP DesignedForGodsPurpose!!!

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Campaign Created by:
Andrew Bryant DFGPgroup non profit Little Rock, AR Follow

$206 of $50,000

0 % Complete 3 donation(s)

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