Cook Family Tornado Relief

           The Cook family's house was obliterated by the tornado that hit Mayfield, Kentucky. Charles and Jess are a husband and wife with 4 little boys: Daniel (9), Thomas (7), Steven (3), and John (1). Jess is currently due with their first little girl, Anna, in March. Jess has severe injuries including a head wound and broken back that have left her unresponsive at the hospital. Charles has lower extremity injuries (details aren't that great due to there being no communication available in that area). Daniel has a broken arm and scratches in his lungs. The other boys are still being evaluated in the hospital. Their car was thrown into their neighbors yard and their house was completely destroyed. They have nothing, no clothes, no transportation, no food, no toiletries, no carseats, absolutely nothing. They have lost everything.
.          We are praying for this devastation and ask that whether you are a Christian or not, to please please please help with whatever you can give, any amount can be used. But we especially ask as Christians that we band together to help our fellow Church body. Please give what you can and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY! God is Almighty, we still praise God in this hard time and trust in His plan. 
"The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit." Psalm 34:18 

"3 Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort;
Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God." 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

" Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted." Matthew 5:4

" Blessed are ye that hunger now: for ye shall be filled. Blessed are ye that weep now: for ye shall laugh." Luke 6:21


Update #55 from Mama Sarah
February 7, 2022
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Update 2/7/22

Our precious Jessie went to be with Jesus about 3:30 this morning. We don\'t really know what happened except that she coded and they couldn\'t get her back. Our Lord knew and welcomed into His loving arms. She is now completely healed and is with her precious baby Anna and her grand parents (Nanny and Papa - Joe and Ruth Olbris) and Charles\'s grandparents (CW and Brenda Jackson).

Praise - Jessie did not suffer long.

Praise - she is with Jesus!

Praise - she has a perfect body.

Pray for the family as they grieve.

Pray for travel mercies for the family coming from many states and a few countries.

Pray for Charles as he is dealing with so much!

Pray for the boys who have lost their mama.

Praise God for so many churches and church families stepping up to support us!

Thank you for your many prayers for our family. Don\'t stop!!

Update #54 from Mama Sarah
February 7, 2022
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Update from Sarah 2/6/22:

I was able to see Jessie for a very short time. Respiratory had capped her trache and she was breaking through her mouth and nose. They started doing this yesterday and will gradually up the time until she can go for 48 hrs with no problems.

Praise - God is good and in control, working behind the scenes, setting things in motion to show his sovereignty. 

Praise for the hospital staff that made it through the ice to get to the hospital to take care of their patients.

Praise God for my host family taking me in and making me a part of their family.

Continue to pray for healing physically, mentally and emotionally for Jessie, Charles, and the boys.

Thank God for Hannah Olbris Hoffman and Rachel Hunter Smith taking care of the children. Continue to pray for their stamina!

Update #53 from Mama Sarah
February 7, 2022
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Update from Sarah 2/3/22:

I could not see Jess today and probably won\'t be able to see her until Monday because of all the ice. We had freezing rain and sleet last night and today. The pic is from earlier today. Below freeing temps until Sunday will prohibit me from going anywhere for a while.

Praise that we still have power and the weather was not worse than it was.

Pray for the linemen and first responders who have to be out in the ice and cold.

Pray for Jessie\'s caregivers, for their safety and that they will continue to take good care of Jessie.

Pray for continued healing

Pray for the boys mental and physical health and their caregivers.

I probably won\'t post again until Monday. Thank you for your prayers and praises. God is good all the time and all the time God is good. Praise that God continues to work behind the scenes and prepare our way!

Update #52 from Mama Sarah
February 7, 2022
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Update from Sarah 2/2/22:

I was able to stay with Jessie all morning today. She is still uncomfortable but seemed to have a little more time of comfortable sleep. She wasn\'t awake much but I was only there a few hours. OT worked on her hands quite a bit. They said a splint had been ordered to help with the contracture on her left hand but they didn\'t know when it would arrive. There was a neuro chair in her room and I was told the nurses had her in it yesterday. I don\'t know if they put her in it this afternoon. I had a meeting and then headed home on lots of country roads. I wanted to beat the weather.

Praise - there is a neuro chair available. 

Praise - Charles was able to drive himself to his wound care appointment today.

Pray for healing in Charles right foot. Infection has set in again so he is not released from wound care yet.

Praise - the nursing staff washed Jessie\'s hair last night. It looked truly clean for the first time since the tornado.

Pray for first responders as we get LOTS of ice turning to snow over the next few days.

Pray for Charles as he continues to wade through paperwork and various decisions.

Pray for the boys and their surrogate parents.

Thank you for all your prayers and loving support.

Update #51
February 7, 2022
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Update from Sarah 2/1/22:

I ran errands today with Charles so i was not able to see Jessie. I\'ll see her tomorrow. 

Praise - Charles now has a vehicle!

Praise - Charles wore a tennis shoe for about 6 hours today! 1st time in a real shoe.

Praise for well connected friends who are working on making sure the boys medical bills are covered and Jessie is in a facility qhere she is cared for appropriately.

Pray for this end of the state as we have an ice storm on the way.

Pray for those who cannot be with their loved ones due to the storm.

Pray for first responders as they care for and rescue during this bad weather.

Update #50 From Mama Sarah
February 1, 2022
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Update from Sarah 1/31/22:

Jess was still restless today. Her ENT is pleased that she is making sounds and on very little oxygen - holding her own.  OT came and worked her hands and arms. She doesn’t want to be messed with and likes to pull away. I made her hold my hand most the afternoon so that her hand wasn’t a complete fist. She didn\'t like that either because she couldn\'t shake loose of my hand.

PT will not come until she can be actively engaged so her contractures in her feet will continue. We are not happy.

Jessie started crying when I was leaving this evening.

Hannah was given some money specifically to take the kids out to eat, so they got to have Waffle House for dinner tonight while they were up in Virginia Beach. Aunt Beth\'s house was a great place for an indoor picnic!

Praises – 1)Jess has more movement in her left arm and leg. 2)Jess is making noise with her vocal chords which indicates good possibilities for speech later. 3)Charles may have found a truck to purchase. Pray that it will be very clear whether or not he should purchase this particular truck. 4)People stepping up to connect the Cook Family with the help they need to work through many of the challenges they run into.

Prayers- 1)Jess\' present facility will either start PT so that her contracture in her legs do not worsen, or that she will be able to move to a more appropriate facility. 2)The nurses that have been taking care of Jessie don\'t take her moves as criticizing THEIR care of her and that they will continue to care for her to the best of their abilities.

Thanking all you prayer warriors!! Your prayers are what sustain us.

Update #49 From Mama Sarah
February 1, 2022
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Update from Sarah 1/30/22:

Jess has not been happy over the past couple of days. Since she isn\'t communicating it is difficult to know why she isn\'t content. I do know she doesn\'t want anyone messing with her hands. She tries to pull away if I try to massage her fingers. But even when I\'m not massing with her, she just isn\'t comfortable.

Pray for her comfort level.

Pray for her care and her care givers - that they will do their best, they will pay proper attention to her, and they will be able to help her through some hard days with as little discomfort as possible.

Praise for medical friends who are willing to advise on how to handle things.

Praise for Patsy Bright and Dwayne Olbris taking care of the kids while Hannah got away for a while today. (They set up a movie time in the living room with blankets and snacks!)

Praise for Rachel Hunter Smith taking on the task of potty training Jon-Jon!

Update #48 From Mama Sarah
February 1, 2022
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Update from Mom 1/29/22

I finally got to see my Jessica Cook  today!! This morning she was a little irritated when I tried to message her hands and move her fingers around. When I was done with lotions and messages, and she was still not happy with me, I sang to her and she went to sleep.

We found out the visitation hours were changed from very limited to all day so I went "home" for a bit and came back. Jessie was NOT happy about her bath (she does NOT like being turned completely on her side) and just couldn\'t seem to get comfortable afterward. She was even crying at one point. The nurse gave her a sedative/pain reliever so she was sleeping peacefully when I left.

Praise - I am feeling back to normal and could be with my baby!

Praise - Hannah has had some much needed relief this weekend.

Praise - Jessie is showing some emotion and a little recognition. Mornings seem to be better (like for most people).

Praise - the kids are getting into a good routine and seem to be getting comfortable with it.

Praise - Charles is doing much better and has been released to drive around town for errands. No trips yet.

Continue to pray for complete healing.

Pray for the staff who are working with Jessie - for their health, observance of Jess and wisdom in decision making and actions for her care.

Thank you all for your faithfulness in prayer for our families!

Update #47 From Andrea Fair
February 1, 2022
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Update January 24th

I visited with Jess today, she seemed slightly agitated today.

Her nurse came in and told me she wasn’t a big fan when they had moved her positioning. They had removed her air boot on her leg and cleaned her and the boot then put it back on; pretty much since the boot went back on she had been irritable. I watched as she moved and even though the movements weren’t strong, it was very noticeable she was moving as if she was trying to kick off the air boot.

She is coughing less today which I hope is good. I flipped through the photo album of family and friends and she looked at them as if she was trying to focus on them. She showed more emotions through her face; pain and irritation mostly today.

She is making more noises when she yawns and moves around, all sounds count right now as it’s progress to be able to make more audible sounds with the trache. The respiratory therapist said making noises would come as they continue to step down her trache; she also said with the one she has now it wasn’t impossible to make sound but would require major efforts.

I believe Mrs. Sarah will be here and able to make more daily updates in a day or two. Please everyone pray for her safe travels & please continue to pray for Jess’s recovery, Charles, Hannah, and MaryRuth

We sure miss our friend & Aunt Jess and can’t wait for her to be better!

Update #46 From Andrea Fair for the 18th&19th
January 24, 2022
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Update 1/19/2022

I have been very blessed to spend the last 2 days with Jess! The nurses and therapists are doing a great job caring and treating her. They’ve been answering all the questions I have & are always asking questions to get to know our Jess! Jess did get a step down on her trache. The trache tubes that are inserted change in diameter. Originally she had a larger tube that had a balloon that only allowed her oxygen to enter & exit through only the trache. Stepping down is a slightly smaller diameter and doesn’t have a balloon on the end. So now oxygen comes in the trache but some of her exhale escapes from her mouth/nose. Through continuous step downs she’ll be able to make more sounds when she is ready. She still has pneumonia, so breathing treatments are being done regularly right now.  Jess is still coughing on her own pretty well, she’s a fighter! Yesterday she yawned and made a moaning like sound, just like she was going to prove she can and eventually will. Physical and occupational therapists are also helping her stay loose; they are moving her arms, legs, and hands regularly. Her right hand is contracted as that is the side she has the broken wrist which is still wrapped, I’ve massaged those fingers during my visits; her facial expressions today were obvious to when something hurt or she was bothered. Also, today I took a photo album of pictures of her family and friends. I talked to her about the pictures in the album, some memories behind the pictures. I hope this can make a difference for her by seeing her friends and families pictures. When her eyes were open she occasionally looked like she was interested in the photos, I pray this is her way of showing progress. Please continue to pray for Jess’ healing and over the team of her physicians and therapists. Please continue to pray for Charles’ and the boys healing and start of school with Mrs. Sarah.

Update #45 From Kat (Jess's best friend)
January 24, 2022
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Update for 01/17/22

It was a quiet day in the world of Jessie. She did not open her eyes all that much while I was there. She did squeeze my hand a few times. There was more movement of her leg and some facial expressions as I spoke to the nurses and to a dear friend on the phone.

I have been assured that OT is coming daily to exercise her arms and legs. Her right wrist was unwrapped, assessed, and it was decided to keep it wrapped for a bit longer.

I finally remembered to bring hair ties with me to put her hair in a high ponytail as not to get it matted so much. For the most part, I just enjoyed my time talking with her and holding her hand.

PRAYERS- Pray for Charles, as he was not feeling well earlier today. Pray for encouragement for him. Pray for the boys and their support team in NC. Pray for Jessie’s team of doctors, nurses, and therapists as they care for her. Pray for the patient across the hall from her, as she seems to be having a rough time. Pray that Jessie’s presence shines God’s light and grace on those who enter her room. And, if I may ask, please pray for me this Wednesday morning (01/19), as I am having outpatient surgery myself and will be in bed for almost a week, unable to go see Jessie.

Thank you, and God bless.

Update #44 From Kat (Jess's best friend)
January 24, 2022
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Update for 01/16/22

I was extremely blessed to be able to sit with my beautiful best friend this evening. The nurses on the continued care floor of Baptist Health are so kind and compassionate towards Jessie and her care.

There was a discussion this evening about unwrapping her right wrist (the one that was broken and fixed), reassessing it and possibly leaving it unwrapped.

PRAISE-Jessie followed a light being shined in her eyes this evening. There was also a lot more independent movement (facial expressions, glaring at her nurse, squeezing my hand, pushing against my hand, wiggling toes, and shifting her left leg). I even noticed movement in the fingers of her right hand, which I had not noticed before this evening.

Respiratory is still talking about capping her trache, which will most likely happen at the beginning of this week. She is still on the tail end of pneumonia and is still coughing up junk from her lungs.

PRAYER WARRIORS- Please continue to keep Jessie, Charles, and the boys in your prayers, as well as the team of people that are physically, and emotionally providing for them. Most importantly, pray for God’s will to be done, on His timing, not ours, whether we understand it or not.

God bless each and every one of you. I know that everyone of the Cook and Olbris families appreciate and feel every prayer that has been said during the past 5 weeks.

Update #43 From Charles Cook (Jess's husband)
January 16, 2022
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I was super excited to finally see my beautiful wife Jessica! It was the first time since December 10th. Her trach may get caped tomorrow and if she can breath well for 48 hours, they'll step her down to a smaller one.

Pray for Sarah as she traveled home today to get the boys set up for school. Praise to the place where she got the boys books. Pray for Hannah and the other adult crew as they continue to take care of the boys.

Pray for the doctors and nurses as they take care of Jessie. Pray God guides them as they care for her. They have been very nice and informative and don\'t make me feel rushed as I ask them questions. It has been a very positive experience. 

I want to personally take the time to say thank you to everyone who has stepped up for my family. From the people who donated clothes and toys to the boys, and clothes to me. To my sister Chasity for giving me a place to stay. To Andrea and RJ Fair, for going and digging through my house, well what they could find of it , taking care of accounts, bills, signing stuff up, getting the help needed for my family. To the Host family that took Mrs. Sarah in so she could be with Jessie while she was in Nashville. Thank you to Jessica Gargus for finding a new family for her in Paducah, when she returns of course. Thank you to Kat Howie for keeping Jessie groomed, from washing her face, to clipping her nails, and combing her hair, she's been amazing. Jessie is so blessed to have you Kat. Thank you to the people who have sent donations, cards, text, and well wishes. Everything you all have done means more to me than you will ever know. For the people who continue to work behind the scenes making sure our family keeps running; your love and generosity doesn't stop, and I thank you all so much.

Keep the prayers coming for Jessie, our 4 boys, and all of Jesse's and my family.

Update #42 from Mama Sarah
January 16, 2022
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Update 1/14/22

Jessica Cook started her journey to Paducah late this morning. She will be in a rehab facility that is located inside Baptist Hospital. She will have a private room because of her trache. Charles Cook and I feel very good about this move and wholeheartedly believe this is where God wants her to be right now. We are also pleased that she will arrive earlier in the day and not on the weekend or in the snow that is forecasted to start there tomorrow. 

God is good! All the time!

My next step is to fly home to get a few details straightened out in NC and fly back to Nashville on Wednesday evening. On Thursday I will head to Paducah to meet my new host family and check in on Jessie.

Praise for God\'s leading on the facility for Jessie.

Praise that Kat Howie will be able to see Jess this evening when Charles and I cannot.

Praise that God\'s timing is always perfect!

Praise for all God has put in place ahead of time!

Pray for safe travel for me.

Pray for continued healing for the family.

Pray for wisdom in decisions that still need to be made for Jess and for the boys.

I may not have much news over the weekend but stay tuned for something by Thursday night!

Update #41 from Mama Sarah
January 16, 2022
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Update 1/13/21

Jessie will NOT be at Lake Taylor. They cannot accommodate her. She will stay in KY. Charles and I are confident that this will be best for her and that God has been leading in this matter. We had been praying He would close and lock doors that needed to be closed, and open doors that need to be opened and that we would recognize the difference. 

Praise - Jessie\'s insurance will not need to change!

Praise - God is in total control and leading the way through all the details.

Praise for friends and even people we do not know who are and have been praying for us on this journey.

Pray for us as we continue to make arrangements for long-term care for all members of the family, Jess and Charles in KY, the boys with Dwayne and me in NC, and Hannah and her family.

God has been so very merciful we cannot help but praise Him!

Update #40 from mama Sarah
January 16, 2022
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Update 1/12/22

I have not been able to see my Jessie for 2 days. Yesterday I was running errands and taking a break. Today I woke up with what I think is the start of a cold or sinus infection. I took a COVID at home test to be on the safe side. It was negative.

Praise God for a negative COVID test.

Pray that I get well quickly and don\'t share these germs with anyone.

Continue to pray for Jessie\'s health and healing. 

Continue to pray for Charles\' healing. His legs continue to give him a hard time but they are slowly improving. 

Praise - Charles got the wound vac off of his foot today.

Continue to pray about insurance for the entire family as well as the best facility for Jess. (We were told to to take the boys to doctors and ortho when we got them to NC and it would be covered. Now we are being told they will NOT be covered because the proper paperwork was not filled out. They didn\'t mention that paperwork until now.)

Praise God because he is God and He is sovereign!

Update #39
January 16, 2022
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Update 1/11/22
Prayer - we need a miracle to happen to get Jessie to Lake Taylor in VA. My God is a God of miracles. Please pray for this miracle to happen.

Update #38
January 16, 2022
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Update 1/10/22

I really appreciate older (mature? Experienced?) Nurses and male nurses. Jessie has received very good care at Vanderbilt. But the 40+ nurses and male nurses have noticed and taken care of more than just "the list". The day shift nurse combed out Jessie\'s hair and really worked at getting some of that dried blood out of her hair.

Pray - Jess did not have the procedure for changing the feeding tube today. It is scheduled for tomorrow. Pray all goes well.

Praise - PT came today and got Jess to sit on the side of the bed for about 5 min. Not an easy thing to do when she is as limp as a dish rag. But it is good for her to sit! They also gave me some exercises to do with her arms.

Praise - Jess is moving a little more (fingers and feet), not on command, but the movement is still viewed as a good thing. 

Praise - Charles got to talk to the boys for about an hour today! They had fun with all the filters on the video, just being kids. Also, Charles is slowly getting more paperwork taken care of, paying bills and final payments, and closing accounts that are no longer needed.

Pray for Charles as he prepares to give his testimony at various churches that ask him to come speak. 

Continue to pray for the facility and transportation that will be best for Jess. We are all looking forward to having the Charles Cook Family together again in God\'s timing.

Update #37
January 16, 2022
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Update 1/9/22

Jess slept a lot today. The nurse practitioner told me they are planning to take her feeding tube out of her nose and put it through her tummy instead. It is safer in the long run and various facilities prefer the tummy feeding tube. It is only a 15 minute procedure and she does not need to go to the OR for it.

Many people have asked me about CT\'s or EEG\'s to find out brain activity or potential brain function. They said that they used to do that but don\'t do it anymore because half the time their predictions were wrong. So we wait and see.

PRAISE! This afternoon, Daniel and Thomas made friends with a boy in our neighborhood that is about their age. They were out riding around the block together. 

PRAISE - I was able to sing with the choir at Forest Hills Baptist Church. I met so many wonderful and caring people. I went to a different Bible Study and they are going to try to help find sitters to give me a break here and there. This is really a very giving church and I am so blessed to be a small part of them, even for a short time.

PRAISE - Charles is healing well. He still has a way to go, but healing is moving in a good direction. 

PRAISE - my niece Rachel Hunter Smith arrived safely from Norway to help Hannah with the kids.

Pray for stamina and wisdom as these adults take care of so many children.

Pray that Hannah will be able to be with her husband soon.

Pray for the right facility and transportation for Jessie. 

Thank you so much for your prayers.

Update #36
January 16, 2022
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Update for 1/8/22

They have taken the suction thing off of the trache area because they don\'t need to suction all the gook out of Jessie\'s airway so much. She doesn\'t produce as much gook as she used to and she is able to cough it up on her own. Baby steps!

When they washed her, I asked for a shampoo cap to help get her hair a little cleaner. The cap got brown and so did the drying towel from all the blood and mud still in her hair from the storm. I was able to comb out a bunch of stuff but there is still a lot left. I\'ll continue to ask for those caps and we\'ll keep working at getting her hair clean.

Hannah and Co continue to work on getting the kids organized. Yesterday it was,"Mom, can we put command strip hooks lower down on the coat tree so that the toddlers can hang their coats there?" Of course!!!

Praise for baby steps. 

Praise for creative problem solving.

Pray for wisdom in  decision making.

Pray for the right facility, transportation, and staff for Jessie.

Update #35
January 16, 2022
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Update 1/7/22

I was not able to be with Jessie today because there was still too much ice and snow on the roads. I will not drive on it in a borrowed car. But the roads should be clear enough for me to get to the hospital tomorrow. I miss my baby.

Praise God for technology that allowed me to video chat with all the grandkids today.

Praise God for all the friends and extended family that are helping this family 🎪 maintain some semblance of sanity.

Pray for all the children. Not only the Cook kids but the Hoffman kids who have been displaced and have come together in a home that is not their own. They have to learn to get along as siblings instead of cousins and find their place in the new order. Their little lives have been turned upside-down and the honeymoon is over. They now have to get down to living this new life and it isn\'t always easy for them. Or the adults who care for them. They need prayer too.

Continue to pray for the right facility and transportation for Jess and that it will all be in God\'s time.

Update #34
January 16, 2022
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Update 1/6/22

6 inches of snow in Nashville prohibited me from seeing Jessie today and probably tomorrow. So, no updates there.

Praise for a day of rest and since the internet wasn\'t working most of the day, it was a bit MORE restful.

Pray for the boys as they will be seeing their counselors tomorrow. 

Pray for Stephen who needs to see an ENT. The tubes in his ears were blown out during the storm and he needs them replaced.

Continue to pray for the right facility and transportation for Jess.

Praise for a church that wants to replace the family van! They spoke to Charles today about some specifics.

Update #33 from Mama Sarah
January 6, 2022
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Update 1/5/22

Late last night, Jessie was moved to a new step-down unit. It is still on the Trauma floor but a different wing. Her nurses were wonderful. They gave her a very thorough bath this evening, even washed her hair as well as can be done with one of those cap things. Her hair is by no means clean, but it is much better! (Her hair still has mud and blood in it because this is the first wash since the storm.) Since she still has a C-collar on to keep her airway lined up properly, they just cannot wash her hair normally. This was a good option. She slept very peacefully the rest of the day.

Praise God for those caring nurses!

Praise God for the kind offers to take Charles to Nashville to see Jessie. He really cannot travel yet due to his injuries, but the offers are there when he is ready.

Praise God for friends and people we don\'t even know who are continually praying for this family!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Pray for safety as we are expecting ice and snow tomorrow. (Don\'t worry, I will not be going to the hospital until the roads are clear, but nurses and doctors still have to get there.)

Update #32 from Mama Sarah
January 6, 2022
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Update 1/4/22

Well, Jessie slept all day. Martha Burnett was kind to spell me for a while today so I could walk a few blocks to get lunch and make some phone calls.

I was able to do a little phone work toward starting homeschooling the boys.

All in all, it was a boring day, but a good day. No backward steps!

Praise God for his many kindnesses and mercies. They are new every morning! He prepares the way ahead of us and we don\'t need to know more than that. He is leading and guiding. Hallelujah!

Pray for healing, physically and mentally - Jessie (all over), Charles (feet and legs), the boys (PTSD and broken bones), Hannah (sleep and wisdom as she leads the crew), Dwayne (health and trying to pick up the pieces on the weekends), and other family and friends as they help us with all of it.

Praise God for his mighty army of prayer warriors!!

Update #31 from Mama Sarah
January 4, 2022
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Update 1/3/22

Jessie has had her eyes open a bit more today. She has even had some reactions, like helping a little when PT came in and worked on moving her arms and legs. Her oxygen is now down to 30%. It has been at 40%. Baby steps!!

Hannah Olbris Hoffman asked me this morning if I could come home for just a couple of days in order to get the homeschooling off the ground. I said yes, not knowing how I would make that happen. A few hours later Claudia K. Souther texted to ask if she could come stay with Jessie and give me a few days break! God has TOTALLY answered!! No exact plans have been made but we know that it is in God\'s timing. God is an AWESOME provider. He knows before we even ask!!

Praise God for his provisions!

Praise God that Jessie is reacting a little.

Praise God for the people taking care of this family in so very many ways.

Continue to pray for complete healing in the Cook Family.

Pray that correct equipment, facilities, and transportation 

will be found and provided for Jess.

Pray that we can easily get insurance for the Cook Family transferred to VA (Jess) and NC (the boys).

Pray that we can get all the homeschooling hoops jumped through easily. (I\'m very accustomed to the VA laws and now need to work with NC laws.)

Praise that my computer has been fixed quickly! So now I can work on all those homeschool hoops!

Update #30 from Mama Sarah
January 3, 2022
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Update 1/2/22

Jessie is continuing to sleep and peep an eye open every so often.

The boys are settling into a routine in NC.

Charles has his wound vac for the wounds on his right foot. That should speed his recovery along, but he has been told it will still take about a month.

Praise for the Forest Hills Baptist Church in Nashville! They have welcomed me in with open arms. A couple of ladies are sitting with Jessie so that I can have a break. They are supporting us financially and spiritually and with meals. And they are allowing me to attend choir rehearsals. (Music really ministers to my soul!)

Praise for Carole Cook taking over my math classes for me! Thank you to the parents, students, and leadership at the co-op for their understanding and support in this decision.

Pray for my 1 or 2 classes that will remain virtual that the students will understand the material and that we can hold class consistently. 

Continue to pray for complete healing in Jessie, Charles, and the boys.

Pray that AJ Olbris has a safe and uneventful trip back to Guam where he is stationed.

Continue to Praise God for his many blessings. His mercies are new every morning!

Update #29 from Mama Sarah
January 2, 2022
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 Update 1/1/22

Kat Howie spent the day with Jessie. She said she opened her eyes more today than she has been doing. Kat lovingly cared for her by clipping her nails and washing her face. Jessie had a breathing treatment. The mucus is thinning and becoming more white which is also good.

Praise God for dear friends like Kat.

Pray for the boys as storms blow through Elizabeth City over the next few days. And pray for their caretakers as they help the boys deal with their PTSD from the tornado. 

My computer is experiencing some issues. Pray that they will get straightened out in a timely manner.

Thank you to Paul and Tabi Pandolf for their help with the kids and computer this week!!

Update #28 from Mama Sarah
January 1, 2022
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Update 12/31/21

Not much is new today with Jessie. She is still sleeping. She is being treated for pneumonia and she is coughing up less mucus and it is thinner than a few days ago. (Sorry to be gross, but that is actually progress.) She opens her eyes about 5 pm and has them open longer each day. She still isn\'t really responsive but... baby steps.

I will take the day off tomorrow because her dear friend Kat Howie will be with her all day.

Praise God for nurses who do a lot of the gross and thankless jobs. They have been wonderful!

Thank God for dear friends (and complete strangers too) who sit with Jess, who pray for our family, and who do so much leg work for our family. They bless us so much by lightening our load. It takes a village and our "village" is pretty big! Thank you to all who are praying and helping us along this journey. I pray that you all are blessed in 2022 as much as we have been these past 3 weeks!

Update #27 from Mama Sarah
January 1, 2022
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Update 12/30/21

Jess had her eyes open much more today than yesterday. Still not very responsive but moving in the right direction. She is on an antibiotic for pneumonia and the doctor mentioned giving her medication to help wake her up more, but that will be next week before they start that.

Headway is being made toward Jessie being transferred to a facility closer to Elizabeth City so that more family will be close by to help out. It is wonderful and amazing to see how God is putting all the pieces together.

So many of you are praying, calling, messaging and texting your support and it is GREATLY appreciated!! 

Continue to pray for the transportation and new facility for Jessie. There are many moving pieces including expense, availability, and insurance.

Praise God for those who are helping make this transfer of care possible by using their skills and previous experiences to cut through the red tape and get the job done. Such a weight off of Charles\' and my shoulders!!

Continue to pray for the boys. Charles tries to call them every night but sometimes circumstances beyond anyone\'s control prohibit that from happening. So pray for logistics and that communication can happen every day. They all miss each other so much.

Continue to pray for Hannah as 2022 starts with so many changes where she is the main constant for the boys. (School will begin for the 2 oldest.)

Praise God for his continued blessings and for His going before us to make all the pieces fall in place! God is so very good to us!!

Praise God for the men and women of faith who continuously hold this family up in prayer. There is such a spiritual battle taking place and many prayer warriors are needed. Those of us in the trenches know that you are praying and can feel the difference.

Update #26 from Mama Sarah
December 30, 2021
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Update 12/29/21

PRAISE - Jessie opened her eyes for a few MINUTES tonight!!! She did not respond to commands. She reminded me of a newborn - not really tracking movements or focusing but just kind of taking it all in.

The boys started counseling today. It was mostly intake but they will have more appointments.  Pray that they will not be during Jon-Jon's naptime or that he just doesn't need to go because it was miserable for him today.  Thank you AJ Olbris for taking them to their appointments. 

Pray that the boys will sleep well and stay in their beds tonight. (Hannah and AJ really need some sleep.)

Thank you Regina McPherson for being brave enough to stay at our house for THREE DAYS helping out while AJ and Hannah recover from their illnesses AND for helping communicate between hospitals since you know the jargon and we don't! You are a true gem.

Continue to pray for complete healing for each family member, especially Jessica Cook and Charles Cook.

It is late and I am tired but I had a hard time leaving Jessie with her eyes open so I stayed at the hospital a little later than my usual.

Update #25 from Mama Sarah
December 29, 2021
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Update 12/28/21

Jessie opened her eyes today!!! They weren't open long but there seems to be a little more going on in that pretty head of hers!

Please continue to pray for all physical and mental healing. (The boys start counseling tomorrow)

Pray for God to smooth the way for Jess to be transferred to the Norfolk area when she is able to leave Vanderbilt. 

Praise for the loving support that I am receiving in Nashville.

Thank you to all who are supporting our family with prayers and finances. God is blessing us so very much through you all!

Update #24 from Mama Sarah
December 29, 2021
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Update 12/27/21

Jessie is still sleeping. She was running a fever again so the powers that be decided she should stay put and not go to the second step-down.  They are checking for more blood clots just to be on the safe side. And they continue to check for any kind of infection that may be giving her a fever.

The stomach bug that has been running through the children in NC is hopefully over. Hannah had to go to ER with a UTI. And Casey left to return to duty in FL.

Praise - precious Regina McPherson is helping out in NC. As a retired nurse, she can handle everything there.

Praise - Jessie had an Iranian nurse that I believe is a Christian! He did a super job today!

Pray that the stomach bug is GONE.

Pray that Daniel will sleep all night so that Dwayne and AJ can also get their required sleep.

Pray that the Trauma counseling that starts this week will quickly replace the boys' fear with hope and peace.

Pray for strength and peace for me. My host, Martha, and I are working on schedules to give me lots of time with Jessie but also get me out and away from the hospital each day.

God is good all the time! And all the time, God is good!

Update #23 from Mama Sarah
December 29, 2021
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Update 12/26/21

Life with Jessie was pretty boring today. She is still asleep. She is in the Trauma step-down. No more surgeries in the near future. No fever today - PRAISE. They are talking about stepping her down again. I don't know when that will happen.

Continue to pray for healing in Charles' and Jessie's bodies so that they can be with the boys soon.

Pray for the boys. They are missing their parents.

Praise - we think everyone is done with the 24 hr stomach bug that was going through the kids over the past few days.

Pray for Hannah as Casey will be leaving to report for duty tomorrow and AJ will be leaving at the end of the week. Praise - They seem to be getting organized and into a routine with the kids.

Update #23 from Mama Sarah
December 29, 2021
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Update 12/26/21

Life with Jessie was pretty boring today. She is still asleep. She is in the Trauma step-down. No more surgeries in the near future. No fever today - PRAISE. They are talking about stepping her down again. I don't know when that will happen.

Continue to pray for healing in Charles' and Jessie's bodies so that they can be with the boys soon.

Pray for the boys. They are missing their parents.

Praise - we think everyone is done with the 24 hr stomach bug that was going through the kids over the past few days.

Pray for Hannah as Casey will be leaving to report for duty tomorrow and AJ will be leaving at the end of the week. Praise - They seem to be getting organized and into a routine with the kids.

Update #22 from Mama Sarah
December 29, 2021
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Update 12/25/21

Jess was moved to step-down!! Not much will happen today. She keeps running fever so they will work on getting that down.

Praise - I will be able to stay with her longer and they have a chair in the room!!

Pray for healing in God's good and perfect time.

Merry Christmas!!

Update #21 from Mama Sarah
December 25, 2021
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Update 12/24/21
Merry Christmas!
Jess is still sleeping but looking good. Her swelling is way down and her bruising is fading. She has not moved to a step-down unit yet because there are no beds available. It will still be on the same floor (trauma) but I will be able to stay with her longer hours. 
Praise - God blessed me with some free food that I was able to pass on to the staff in Trauma. One of the cafeterias was closing down for the holiday and was going to throw away all their perishables. I asked if I could take it to Trauma. They put it in bags and helped me get it all up there. The staff was so appreciative because most of them had missed lunch. God's blessings are overflowing!!!
Praise God for dear friends who continue to check on me and my family. We are so blessed to have you in our lives.
Praise God for all those who are praying for us and for those who are providing for our family's future needs financially.
Praise God for sending His Son to be born into a lost world, to live a perfect life, die for our sins and rise from the dead so that we can live with Him in eternity!
We are so very blessed!!

Update #20 from Mama Sarah
December 25, 2021
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Update from Mom 12/23/21 10pm:
Jessica Cook got her nose job this afternoon and did well. She is continuing to breath on her own through the trache. They will move her to the step-down unit soon which means that I can stay with her longer and I can sit down during the visit. (For safety reasons there are no chairs allowed where she is right now.)
My sister, Elizabeth Stoll Hunter, left this afternoon, and my dear "twin" sister in Christ, Tanya Lvs'Jesus, stayed with me the rest of the day.
Charles Cook and Christy Jackson Cook and family and friends laid Danny Joe Cook (Charles's dad) to rest today.
Continue to pray for healing, peace and comfort for the whole family.
Pray that Jessie and Charles will be able to recuperate near the boys so that they can get back to being a family.
Pray for all of us as we are separated from each other over Christmas. 
Thank you all for prayers!

Update #19 from Mama Sarah
December 25, 2021
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Update from Mom 12/23/21 11AM:

PRAISE!! Jessica Cook is breathing on her own through the teache and keeping her oxygen in the 90s!!! 

She gets her nose job today and if she continues to do well they will they will put her in a step-down unit but on the same floor.

Continue to pray!

Update #18 from Mama Sarah
December 23, 2021
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Update 11/22/21 1:30 pm


The hospital just called Charles Cook and said they are going to start looking for a long-term rehab facility for Jessica Cook. Charles pressed the issue with 2 things.

1) She isn't awake. The guy looked through all his notes and said there was nothing indicating that she wouldn't wake up. And these facilities take patients that are on a trache. PRAISE!

2) So Charles asked him if they would please try to find a facility close to Elizabeth City so that she would be near family and as soon as he is able, he can join the family there as well. The guy said they had never transported anyone that far, but he would look. PRAISE!!

Pray that they will be able to transport Jessie that far.

Pray that they will be able to find a great facility for Jessie near Elizabeth City, NC.

Pray that Charles will be able to heal quickly and be with the boys and Jessie soon.

Praise God for his many blessings and provisions!!

Update #17 from Mama Sarah
December 22, 2021
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Update 12/21/21

Today we laid Anna Joy to rest. So many friends and family showed up. Charles was overwhelmed at the love and support that was shown. Thank you to all who were able to come and thank you for the prayers of support to all who couldn't be with us physically. 

Jessie got her trache today. The doctor said it was very routine and she did well. Thursday she is scheduled for her nose job. Still all positive things are happening and she continues to move forward, just very slowly.

Tomorrow I head back to Nashville. In my absence, Kat Howie and my host family have been with Jessie so she would have a visitor every day.

Please continue to pray for Charles Cook, Christy Jackson Cook and Chasity (Charles's sister) as they still have to go through another funeral this week (Charles's dad on Thursday).

Pray for me because I'm very tired. Don't worry tho, I'm getting my sleep and I'm eating right!

Pray for the boys as they work through their PTSD.

Pray for Hannah Olbris Hoffman, Don Casey Hoffman, and AJ Olbris as they give care to 7 children under the age of 10. They do have extra help coming in but the running of the house and childcare is heavy on Hannah as AJ and Casey need to return to their jobs soon.

Praise - Charles was able to wear hard soled slippers and walk from the car to the graveside!

Update #16
December 21, 2021
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Update 12/20/21

Jessie is still sleeping. They changed her wound vac today that is on her leg. I think they will do a tracheotomy tomorrow. It is not necessarily permanent, but it will cut down on infection, be more comfortable and allow them to start weaning her off of assisted breathing. They removed her foley and she is urinating on her own -praise! Very slow steps forward but none backward. It is good!!

The boys went to ortho today. No surgery necessary for any of them. They go back in a month. Daniel is having trouble sleeping upstairs at night and comes downstairs for comfort. He spends the rest of the night on the sofa and seems to do ok that way. They will all start counseling next week.

This is an especially difficult week. Please pray for Charles and his mom. Tomorrow we will have a graveside service for little Anna Joy. Charles will get to hold Anna before she is taken to the cemetery. Thursday, Charles's dad will be buried. 

Jessie has no family with her while I am in Mayfield for the services. Dr and Mrs Burnett may go visit her for a bit while I am away.

Please continue to pray for Beth and I while we minister to Charles and his family in Mayfield. Pray for the children and their caregivers as they deal with 7 kids under the age of 10 in one house and 4 of the children have PTSD. Pray for Charles and his mom as they deal with so many losses in 2021. Pray for Jessie for healing and being without family by her side for a couple of days.

Thank you so much for your prayers as well as gifts and contributions. Each one means so much for our family.

Update #15 from Mama Sarah
December 19, 2021
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*(Charles found out yesterday that his dad passed away yesterday after they found out in November that his dad had leukemia.)

Update 12/18/21 pm

Our precious baby Anna is now in the loving arms of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Her heart gave out. The doctors and nurses who worked so hard on her have been so loving and kind to our family. They even allowed me to walk Anna to Jessie's hospital (nextdoor) so that even though Jessie was unconscious,  she could hold her baby for the first and last time. Please pray for Charles as he makes decisions about arrangements for Anna and helps his mom make decisions about the service for his dad. He has a lot on him right now but it giving it all over to God.

Jessie had a CT scan. The did not find any new bleeding on her brain. Praise! She has a blood clot in her leg so they will be giving her meds for that. She continues to sleep her days she recovers and heals.

Thank you for prayers, well wishes, and donations. You all have been such a blessing to our family.

Update #14 from Mama Sarah
December 19, 2021
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Update 12/18/21 am

Charles called me early this morning. Please pray for little Anna this morning. She has had a very rough night. She did not do well on the C-pap machine and had to go back on the vent. Her heart stopped several times. We know that there are many ups and downs in the NICU. We also know that she belongs to Jesus and He loves her and cares about her more that we ever possibly could. He knows what is best. For now, He is graciously leaving her with us and we are blessed by that.

Update #13 from Mama Sarah
December 19, 2021
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(I do apologize for the lateness)

Update 12/17/21

Much good news!

Anna has graduated from intubation to a C-pap type of breathing apparatus.  She has gained 1 oz from her birth weight. I cannot hold her yet but I can take her temp and change her diaper. She is doing well getting used to her new world.

Jessie got the wire out of her head that was measuring pressure. They will be taking out some other wires and tubes. Some will be gone and some will go in other places. They are starting to wean Jessie off of the oxy in hopes that she will start to wake up a little. She will get a nose job. Presently it is scheduled for Dec 23.

Keep praying for a vehicle to transport all these kids!

In NC the Cook boys were all taken to see the doctor today. The doctor wants the older three (Daniel, Thomas, and Stephen) to go see an orthopedic next week to check out their broken bones. Jon is healing up great and isn’t even acting like he has any scrapes! 

Please continue to pray for the family as there is a lot of healing that needs to happen, both physically and mentally.

Update #12 from Mama Sarah
December 17, 2021
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Update 12/16/21

Little Anna Joy is holding her own. She has a private room now in a different (larger) NICU. she still has all kinds of machines hooked up and tubes and wires, but it is all good. She is a fighter. (Stubborn like her mama.)

Jessie was running a fever this morning so they had a cooling blanket on her most of the day. It could have been due to infection in the wounds on her leg. She had surgery this morning on her right wrist and wounds on her leg were cleaned in a surgical setting. Her fever was much lower this afternoon. (Thank you Howard Hill  for so many musical posts over FB. I played some of your old posts. The nursing staff enjoyed them as did I!)

Things are starting to settle down a bit so new information will become a bit more sparse but sty tuned. God is doing great and mighty things!

Update #11 from Mama Sarah
December 16, 2021
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Update 12/15/21 pm
My brother Phil Stoll and several of his grown kids went to Mayfield to help with cleanup efforts. They were able to take care of what was left of the big oak tree still standing in the middle of the lot. They had much help with their cleanup efforts (thank you friends and family!). Much was accomplished but th we re is still much to do.
Jessie did not have surgery today but her wrist surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. I do not know what time. The numbers that are monitoring the pressure in her head remain constantly in a good range. She is producing milk for the baby and they are pumping every 2 to 3 hours and then the milk is sent to the NICU for Anna.
Anna will no longer have the intubation tube in tomorrow. She will have a C-Pap machine instead. They are removing the lines going to her umbilical chord so I will be ae to hold her soon. Skin to skin therapy is so important. 
The boys are on their way to NC tonight with Don Casey Hoffman and AJ Olbris.
Please continue to pray for Jessie's healing and little Anna as she grows and develops. Pray for Charles and the boys as they continue to heal. Pray for my family in NC as they minister to the boys and take care of their physical needs. Pray that all the paperwork goes through quickly and easily for their medical insurance and our temporary guardianship.
Thank you all for the gifts, money, support and prayers that are being sent our way. They are all so appreciated!

Update #10 from Mama Sarah
December 15, 2021
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Update 12/15/21

Jessie had surgery on her pelvis late yesterday afternoon and they cleaned some of her wounds that were starting to get infected. I have not been given detailed yet but they said she did well. They may do surgery on her broken arm in a few days.

While she was in surgery I was allowed to visit with Anna Joy. She is doing very well. I was able to touch her. She seemed content.

Our son AJ who is stationed in Guam was able to take emergency leave. He flew in to Nashville yesterday evening and will be helping Casey get the boys to NC.

Many thanks to those of you with connections here trying to find a place for me to stay. I met with Dr and Mrs. Burnett yesterday. They will be my new family for a while and I am so grateful. They picked AJ up from the airport and then took us all out for supper and a lovely and loving visit.

The next need we will cross with the boys is medical help. They are on state health insurance in KY. They will be needing medical attention in NC/VA. (Stitches need to come out and breaks need to be rechecked.) We would like to just get general physicals on them because the hospitals in the surrounding area have been so overwhelmed they have done the very best they can but things creep in later that they just couldn't see in the rush. We don't know what will need to be covered cost wise or how it will be covered. We DO know that ther mental health WILL be covered.

Please continue to pray for us as we will be with family during Christmas but we will not all be together. Charles will be with extended family, but not with Jess and the kids because his feet are too damaged to do much walking. I will be with Jessie and Anna and my new family, the Burnetts. The rest will be in NC.

Pray for the boys to have a quick and painless trip to NC and be able to adjust well there and get back to there normal happy little boy selves.

Pray for all the caretakers for wisdom and strength.

Update #9
December 15, 2021
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Update on the Cook family
Daniel was released from the hospital today!! He is with his dad and brothers in Kentucky right now. 
Jessie is currently in surgery to fix her pelvis. Jessie is so amazing and even though she is in a medicated induce coma, she is still providing for her baby and giving her the milk she needs.
Anna is still stable and is so strong! Mom has been able to sit and sing to her. She is not allowed to hold her yet but is able to put her hands in the incubator.
AJ has made it safely to Nashville and will be able to see Jess tonight.

Charles Cook on Good Morning America
December 14, 2021
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Starting at 6:10 Charles' story is told.

Update #8 From Sarah herself
December 14, 2021
facebook twitter

Jessie is holding her own. Stable but still critical. They were going to wash all the junk out of her hair this afternoon.

Anna is starting to breathe on her own!! They will slowly wean her off the intubation. She is such a fighter!

Daniel will be released in the morning. He should be able to see his mom and sister before going to see his dad and brothers in Mayfield. He is struggling with poison ivy all over his body and still painful scrapes that need to be tended.

The boys will head to NC on Wed with Don Casey Hoffman  and AJ Olbris. Pray for a safe and a pain-free trip.

I will be staying with Jessie and Anna until Charles is physically able to come. If anyone knows of someone in the Nashville area that would be willing to host me so we can save the hotel expenses please reach out to me! I would prefer to stay close to the hospital.

Update #7
December 14, 2021
facebook twitter

Update after I talked to Sarah (Jess's mom) tonight. Jess is still in the same state. They have been able to get milk from Jess for Anna to help Anna as much as she can, as this is what Jess wants to happen in this situation. The OB ward and trauma ward are working seamlessly together and have plans to do even more to help baby Anna thrive.

HUGE PRAISE! Baby Anna is nearly breathing on her own already! This little girl is just as much of a determined firecracker as her mama <3

Daniel has all of his ducks in a row to be able to be discharged from the hospital, which should happen tomorrow. The plan so far is for Sarah to stay in the area and be with Jess, as Charles is completely unable to walk right now and wont be for awhile. There are still a lot of details to work out when it comes to who is staying and when people are leaving. We do know that we want the boys home before Christmas.

Daniel will be able to meet his baby sister tomorrow!! They are working on the other 3 boys being able to meet her but no word on that yet.

Thank you so much to everyone that has donated and even more so, thank you for all of the prayers! God is working miracles in their lives and we are seeing the power of prayer in such huge waves that its growing many people's faith around us. God has reasons why He allows things to happen in our lives, yet even though we don't know the whys, we can rest assured that He is STILL God! He is STILL good! And He answers prayers!

James 5:16 "...pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much."

Update #6
December 13, 2021
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Don Casey Hoffman and I arrived at Vanderbilt hospital last night about 8:30p. Jessie's dear friend Kat Howie met us at the door. Since visiting hours were almost over for Daniel Kat took Casey to see Daniel. Casey reported that they had a good visit and although Faniel needs healing emotionally as well as healing, he will be OK. He is still Daniel.

Jessie's visiting hours were over but Kat arranged for me to still be able to visit with Jessie for a few minutes. She has a wonderful nurse that answered any question I came up with. Jessie is heavily sedated so she is vented. She is bruised and swollen but she actually looked better than I expected. The hospital has given her a code name that is linked to all things Jessie at the hospital including little Anna. (I will see her today.) The code name in some foreign language means "brave". (Candace looked it up and shared it with me.) Such a fitting name for my precious baby and what she is going through right now. 

More will be posted later today and I will also post the link later. It is a give send go account labeled for Cook tornado relief but I don't have the exact link right now.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. God is using you all in a very mighty way and He, the Great Physician and Mighty Counselor is listening to your prayers and showing his mighty power, showering his blessings and pouring out miracles very generously on this family.

Update #5 Update from Jessie's mom Sarah
December 12, 2021
facebook twitter

Please support our family in prayer. Praise reports are already coming in of miracles, for which we are so so grateful. (Volunteers are making posts for me, so detailed answers won't be available through comments here. I will use Facebook to give updates as they are available to free up all my time to meet practical needs. Thank you for watching here for updates. ) ,Our Jessica Cook and her entire family, all 7, were found miraculously alive after being directly in the path of the category 4 tornado in their home in Kentucky. Taking refuge in the bathroom, they were thrown 200 feet by the force of the storm. Their home is entirely demolished. The bathtub in which the boys were sheltered has not yet been found. Yet, every life was preserved.
Daniel, age 10 was responsible for finding each person in the family, including Jess and Charles, who were buried entirely under debris. Its reported that if Daniel himself had not known where to find his mom and dad, they would not have been found at all.
The baby, at age 1, has no broken bones at all and is in good health, for which we are so grateful. The boys have various fractures, broken bones and concussions. With time and prayer, they should heal entirely. We are so blessed to be able to give such a wonderful report after the violent storm the whole family has suffered through.
EMTs on the scene confirmed that Charles had a broken femur or broken pelvis, their professional opinion was that he had major broken bones. Upon examination at the hospital, it was revealed that he had no broken bones at all, and is able to be discharged to recover from some bruising and abdominal injuries.
Jessica was pulled from the debris first, at Charles insistence. She was first admitted to the local hospital in Paducah, and then transferred to Nashville to their specialized trauma unit. She has a broken pelvis, broken shoulder glade, ribs and wrist, along with TBI- traumatic brain injury. A c section was conducted successfully, and in yet another miracle, we can welcome a healthy Anna Joy to the family at 2 lb., 6 oz. The C section to deliver the baby, and a medically induced coma will give her body a chance to recover from the injuries sustained during the storm. She is holding her own, remaining in the trauma unity.
I and Casey are on our way today to Kentucky to collect the four boys, when they are ready to travel, and will see Jess and the new baby on the way home.
In addition to prayer, please consider giving to their family financial support link below. The family depends on Charles to carry his more than full time workload, and these pictures will show the enormity of recovery they have to face. With the Lord, all things are possible. When He is for us, who can be against us? We are so blessed by the outpouring love and support and by the faithfulness of our great God.

Update #4
December 12, 2021
facebook twitter

Jess is still unconscious. She was found to also have 3 broken ribs, a broken wrist, and a broken shoulder. 

Baby Anna is still stable and we are getting things together for her to thrive even more. Her team of nurses are incredible and Jess's friend Kat is making sure the OB team is honoring mama Jess's wishes if a time like this was to unfortunately occur. See Anna's sweet face in the gallery.

Daniel has begun talking about the event and he was actually the one that went around and located all of his family members. He is such an amazing little boy and doesn't realize how much of a hero he is to his own family.

Pictures of where their house used to be are in the galery now.

Update #3
December 12, 2021
facebook twitter

Baby Anna Joy is 2lbs 6oz and is stable PRAISE GOD!!!

Jess has 2 pelvic fractures one in the front one in the back. Her spine is ok though! MORE PRAISES!! They are putting a wire in her skull to monitor the swelling of her brain. She is still unconscious.
Charles is really feeling it this morning. He said he feels like he was hit by a Mac truck. He and Jess were both thrown about 200ft from their house. 

Sending items as a way to help <3
December 12, 2021
facebook twitter

Thank you for helping.
Please send mail or packages to:
Sarah Olbris
116 Indian Woods Rd.
Elizabeth City, NC 27909

Gift cards would be very helpful. some suggestions:
Walmart (charles gets a discount here because of working for them so money goes even further here)
Sam's Club

Update #2
December 12, 2021
facebook twitter

Please forgive the misunderstanding of injuries sustained as we weed out what is actually the case. Mind you there was absolutely no way of getting a hold of them directly until just now so it has literally been a game of "telephone".

Jess is still unresponsive yet brain activity is there.

Baby Anna doesn't have any update as of yet.

Daniel's right wrist is what is broken and will need surgery, he has also been diagnosed with a concussion.

Thomas has a broken left wrist and his back is so scraped up it looks like he was dragged by a truck on gravel.

Steven has a broken shoulder.

Little John was spared any serious injuries and only has minor scrapes and bruises.

Charles is torn up really badly. His hands don't have skin on them and his hand muscles had to be stappled together. He has a laceration on his stomach yet was able to be released from the hospital. He also has other stitches on his body and bruises and scratches all over.

They did decide to keep Jess and Daniel at the same hospital in Nashville, TN. Jess is in the trauma ward and Daniel is believed to be in the pediatric ward. 

Sarah Olbris (Jessie's mom) is currently on her way to Nashville with Casey (her son in law). Casey will be dropping off Sarah at the hospital that Jess and Daniel are at and then continue on to Mayfield to pick up Chalres, Thomas, John, and Steven. Casey will then drive all of them back down to North Carolina where Sarah lives and the 4 of them will be staying there until further notice. Sarah will be staying with Jess and Daniel at the hospital.

Update #1
December 11, 2021
facebook twitter

Jess is responding to pain stimulous so she has brain activity.
Baby Anna still has no definite answers.
Daniel's arm has a minor break that looks like will still need surgery though. He has a bruised lung. They are waiting on more test results to come out on his ankle and knee. He has been admitted to Childrens hospital in Nashville.
Charles was able to get stitches and then was released from the hospital without any serious injuries.


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