Claudio Sebastiao has passed away due to heart failure and has left his family.  He was a kind soul and always there for his friends and family.  Now it's our turn to be there for his 2 children, Maya and Kaylana, wife Rachel and their unborn baby girl.  Rachel is 4 months pregnant and left wondering how she is going to take care of the little girl.  He served proudly in the United States Army and was receiving VA disability benefits to help the family.  Upon his death, these benefits will stop.  As Rachel is not currently working due to a pulmonary embolism and general health difficulties due to an autoimmune disorder, they are left with no idea how to get the unborn baby clothes and a crib.  Still, Rachel carries Claudio's endless optimism and knows it will be OK.  Please consider helping this beautiful family out and making any kind of donation possible.  Claudio is watching from heaven and thanks you.