First and foremost I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus, I am John Makongo a pastor at Dominion lighthouse christian ministries in Kenya.
i am a father of three children and of one wife, I was called from my childhood by the Lord Jesus to spread His word to Nations, by soul winning and preaching the message of the cross.
I was once a street boy for 5 years in the street of Kenya towns such as Eldoret and Nakuru,later after going through so much as partial ophanned, I was rescued and taken to orphanage, I was able to school and after I have now grown,I felt the Lord wants me to do something different in my life and that is to preach His word and for that reason I went through bible colleges here in Kenya and obtain a bachelor's in church ministries,now I am running a church by the grace of God.
 My request to you is that, I need your help to raise some funds to secure church Equipment which will be used for the glory of God in preaching the word of God on open air meetings and at the church,we have been operating by the grace of God without church equipment that we can relay on. 
from your Donation we will be able to preach the word of God in an open air meetings and hold crusades in different places. The following are the things we are requesting your support to help us meet these needs.
1. Amplifier costing              $450
2. 4 Speakers costing          $1600 all 4 of them
3.Yamaha keyboard cost     $500
4. 4 coded mics  all costing  $180
5.1 wireless mic.                     $45
6.Power generator                  $450
7.200mtrs power cable .       $140
By meeting this needs will help us change lives and reach more people even in a distance .our desire is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ as wide as we can.
Help us spread the word out and donate any dollar you feel the Lord Jesus leading you to donate. You can as well reach us on Facebook at

Raise money to share hope. Money is temporary Jesus is eternal. Give both and watch the world be changed.