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We are not done…WE'VE ONLY JUST BEGUN!


This uncontainable movement cannot be stopped any more than an avalanche can be put back! Become part of God’s kingdom mandate!

Give now and sow it forward!

We need your help to raise $20,000 to further train and raise up God's champion leaders behind prison walls in 2018.

What is a movement? According to Webster’s Dictionary a movement is:
a. the act or process of moving; especially: change of place or position or posture
b. a tactical or strategic shifting of a military unit: maneuver
c. the advance of a military unit the steady movement of troops across the border.

This truly describes the Church Behind Bars Movement! What started as an initiative in 2017, has rapidly turned into a full blown movement.

  1. Leaders have stepped into their identity in Christ, and changed their position of a criminal to sons and daughters of the Most High God.
  2. Together, they are now maneuvering spiritually to build God's kingdom church.
  3. Men and women are strategically advancing into enemy territory to liberate others bound by the chains of sin.
  4. They won’t settle for anything less than staking the ground with God’s victory flag in order to establish His presence in their prison.

We need your prayers and support as we fight spiritual darkness in these prisons and continue moving forward. These spiritual giants, who have been call and qualified, now embrace their assignment. They need our backing to take their mission field for Christ!

Let's join together and make God famous in the midst of those incarcerated!

Will you sow seed into this plowed and fertile ground, so the movement will continue and grow into a bountiful harvest for God's Kingdom?


The Church Behind Bars Movement 2017 Results

2 Prisons… 1 Team:

  • 83 made decisions made for Christ
  • 323 rededicated their lives
  • 383 asked for further contact
  • 12 months produced 75 graduates, who became thoroughly trained as leaders and mentors.
  • Out of 100 women, 60 of them graduated, and 9 others received a certificate of participation.
  • Out of 30 men, 15 graduated, and 9 others received a certificate of participation.

"In the beginning none of us knew what we were signing up for or what to expect. At first, we thought Revs. Tony, Debbie and Robin and all the volunteers were like all the other ministries that come to teach us. CBB did teach us a lot, but they also uncovered us. Like the bones in Ezekiel 37, God knew what they were and what their potential was. God saw us, what we were and what our potential was too. When these beautiful people pack up and return home, the Church Behind Bars will still be here. Let us not forget as we enter a new year, WE are the Church Behind Bars."

Transformation has genuinely happened… A former volunteer chaplain recently said, "Debbie, I worked with these inmates for several years and have not seen the heart change until CBB... Their attitudes and countenance have changed. They have learned the meaning of forgiveness, mercy and compassion from the Lord and for one another. They are learning to put others first and live unto the Lord. They have truly gone through a transformation."

CBB Update: March 2018

Our graduates are standing strong and moving forward as soldiers of the LIGHT! Our follow up trip revealed the ongoing power of God that continues working behind the scenes. God was extravagantly unleashed in our midst!

  • Three prisons in four days.
  • Two ministry teams operating in one accord.
  • Miracles on all levels: spiritual, emotional and physical.

God’s presence was tangible in the chapels where we taught and ministered. After hitting both women's prisons with a tidal wave of His love, one woman involved in another "religion" came up to me weeping. “Debbie, I don’t know what’s happening to me! What do I do with this overwhelming tidal wave of love…?”

God flooded the chapel, wrecking everything in His path that would block His kids from receiving His love. This new CBB participant had never experienced anything like this in her “religion”... EVER! As tears soaked her shirt, God’s all-consuming love soaked her heart and I introduced her to the King.

At another prison one woman came up to me after I had shared my “before Christ” background followed by my signature song, “Teach Me to Dance in the Rain.”

“Debbie, for the first time in my life I feel like I’m worth something! I’ve never been able to read the Bible, much less understand what I’m reading. But when I went back to my dorm and picked up my Bible, I could understand it! I can hardly put my Bible down! I have so much joy…”

At the men’s prison on the last night, Tony was nudged by the Lord to pray for shoulders. Thinking there might possibly be one shoulder in pain, he gave the invitation and 20 men stood to their feet. After praying, one man came running up to Tony wildly moving his shoulder up and down exclaiming, “Tony, look! I don’t know what to do with this, what do I do with this?” Praise God this mans shoulder was healed and he just could not wrap his mind around it.

These are the kinds of things that happen when God shows up and makes Himself famous!

Will you choose to STAND WITH THEM and SUPPORT THIS MOVEMENT? A one-time gift or monthly gift of support will help propel the Church Behind Bars Movement forward!

Thank You! Thank You!! Thank You!!!

Co-laboring Together for HIS Sake!
Reverend Debbie Milligan for Healing Wings Ministries 


2018-08-03 07:00:05

God will restore the years the locusts have eaten! As some know, we go to see them behind the bars and some outside! Thankyou for your hearts of commitment! Zech. 4:6 Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit says the Lord!

Funding for CBB's 3 Day Worship Intensive in September
August 29, 2018, 7:11 pm

Funding for Church Behind Bars: 3 Day Worship Intensive in September

September 27th -29th we will hold a three day Worship Intensive in both the men and women's prison facilities. Teaching the inmates to hold their "ground" through worship, and establish a habitation environment for God's presence is a key to taking their mission field for the Kingdom! Equipping our leaders in both the privilege and the responsibilty of worship will continue to under gird and support their chaplains and chaplaincy programs.

Some of the Topics include:

  • Ministering to the Lord 
  • The Priestly Mantle of a Worshiper 
  • Tabernacle of David
  • Warfare Through Worship
  • Worshiping their way to Breakthrough and Victory

Would you consider underwriting our expenses by donating today?

Some of the Leader's Testimonies:
...Recently I made a list of all those who've been influential in my life and you all are at the top of that list! When I met you, I was practicing "xyz". You've been part of bringing me to a higher hope!
...Thank you for uncovering me and dusting off the debris life has piled on top of me. I feel love for myself for the first time.

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Campaign Creator Avatar
Campaign Created by:
Healing Wings Ministries, Inc. Englewood, CO Follow

$500 of $25,000

2 % Complete 1 donation(s)

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God will restore the years the locusts have eaten! As some know, we go to see them behind the bars and some outside! Thankyou for your hearts of commitment! Zech. 4:6 Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit says the Lord!

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