Hardship is no stranger to The Carver Family. Maryann's childhood was filled with abuse and trauma which followed her into a previous marriage. By God's grace, she has been learning to overcome her past.Her husband, Scott, on disability due to his heart condition, requires a pacemaker and 24/7 heart monitor. He needs to go through two big, medical tests before he can have heart surgery.

Maryann has taken on three part time jobs in an attempt to keep up with their expenses, but her income combined with the disability check is not enough to cover even half of their bills. In the past, they lived with a relative. When that was no longer an option, a friend offered them temporary housing. Currently, they are living in a very low end motel while trying to secure more permanent housing. They almost had a place to rent, but did not have enough money upfront to pay for the month and a half security fee on top of the first month's rent. 

They have been forced to make the hard choice between having a roof over their heads or being able to pay car registration on a second vehicle which is necessary for Mary's transportation to work. Scott uses the other car to transport their children, Tony, age nine and Zoey, age 8 to school.Since Mary needed to take off from work today in order for her children to have transportation to school, she risked the possibility of losing her jobs. Unfortunately, their school district does not have enough bus drivers in order to offer them a ride, even though they live far from the school.

Both Tony and Zoey have medical conditions (ADHD, ODD and OCD) and currently are on medications. Housing stability would take a huge load off of their parents' minds so that they can focus on the health of their family. 

Let's team up with the Carver Family who loves Jesus and bring them some much needed relief from this heavy financial burden.  

"Carry one another's burdens and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ." Galatians 6:2