Feed Supplements For The Carter Wild Mustangs

Campaign Created by: Carter Reservoir Mustangs Inc

The funds from this campaign will be received by Carter Reservoir Mustangs Inc.

Goal: USD $250
Raised: USD $ 35

We are a small all-volunteer nonprofit organization on a mission to conserve the Spanish-Iberian genetics we have found in a small public wild horse herd in Northern California known as the Carter Reservoir Herd Management Area (HMA) wild horses. Carter Reservoir Mustangs Inc (CRMI) has adopted, through the Department of Interiors, Bureau Of Land Management, two Carter Reservoir wild horses. Since relocating the Carters and a semi-load of equipment from Lancaster, California to Baker City, Oregon we could use a little help to purchase a bag of FORCO supplements. FORCO is a digestive aid that feeds the good bacteria in the gut which helps guard against ulcers, and stones in the gut, and helps maintain proper weight. One of the Carter mares has some health issues where it's hard to keep weight on her. 

Thank you for your consideration in making a donation and for your prayers. 



Update #2 Our Goal Was Reached
January 27, 2023
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I truly want to thank the donors who graciously gave in support of our purchasing a large bag of FORCO digestive supplements. Through sharing our GSG fundraiser, we received a generous donation from Equine Wellbeing Rescue to complete our purchase.

I was truly blessed a few days ago when I received a call from someone who wanted to pray for me and CRMI. I am struggling to find the words to share how much that meant to me. This call absolutely warmed my heart.

Praise, Jesus.


What It Is That We Are Needing
December 10, 2022
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Now that winter has set in we have about 6" of snow on the ground and much colder temperatures the Carter Mustangs need the FORCO feed supplement even more. Click on this link to view and read about the product we so desperately need. 



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