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I considered myself a Christian for my whole life, and then about 6 months ago I faced a crisis of belief. Who was I and what was my purpose here. Feeling rudderless caused me to slip into depression, wondering if it even mattered whether I was here or not. My family came alongside me, loved me and made sure I got the medical and emotional care I needed. I consider this timeframe my "spiritual awakening"; this is where I turned to God and began developing an actual relationship with Him.

Through this process, I realized that having the ability to reach out to others, to strengthen my own faith, and to work to help others is the focus I was missing. I began looking into mission trips, and although my family had hoped I would start out near home, I felt a pull towards YWAM Whitsunday. I love the out of doors, and this trip brings that opportunity. While I will spend the first part of the 6-month trip in Australia, focusing on my own relationship with God, my place in His plan and learning to move into outreach, the last half will be spent in the mission field, likely in Southeast Asia. This is the timeframe where we will be coming alongside those in areas that need to hear the Good News.

I am excited to pursue this opportunity, and while I have been working to save up enough money for the training portion of the trip, I am going to need help for the outreach portion and living expenses while there. I am preparing to start a blog, and would love to have you journey with me as I grow and minister to others!

Thank you for your consideration in supporting me!

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Campaign Created by:
Caelen Wendt Colorado Springs, CO Follow

$496 of $3,000

17 % Complete 2 donation(s)

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