Help Bryn’s Fight For Her 3 Sons and Misc Expenses

Campaign Created by: Friends

The funds from this campaign will be received by Bryn Luke-Wright.

Goal: USD $10,000
Raised: USD $ 1,050


This campaign was started back in November/December last year as the primary issue was simply getting divorced and staying on her feet. Bryn was completely blindsided in January by what her former husband has decided to do and how low he will go to get what he wants. 

You can give directly at V.en-Mo @Bryn-Luke-Wright or C@$h-A.pp $BrynLukeWright if you don’t want to use this platform. 

After enduring several years of domestic violence in all forms, Bryn has bravely taken the steps to secure her safety and that of her three sons, whom she shares custody with a previous husband. She will be moving forward with hiring an attorney, as her current husband retained counsel in September, after he became violent and refractured Bryn's ribs and caused several large contusions on her left arm. On Sunday, 11/7/21, the police were called again due to occurrences of violence that left Bryn with several injuries, including a fractured bone in her hand. She requested the officers assist in her husband leaving the home that night, and he has not been back except to retrieve some personal items and has since moved to the Orlando area (approx 1 hour away). 

At no point did the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office do their jobs to the capacity in which they should have done or follow the Florida Statute 741.29  when it comes to investigating Domestic Violence, and providing to Bryn what her remedies are. Thankfully, she does work with amazing people and has amazing resources available to her in the legal field, just none that are centered in the Divorce arena.

On January 17, 2022, Bryn’s former husband, whom she has shared 50/50 custody without issue of her three amazing sons with, filed 4 emergency motions to the court; each falsely alleging that Bryn was abusing her sons. This triggered the Department of Children and Families to investigate immediately. THANKFULLY, Bryn was blessed with an investigator that is in her position for the right reasons. She saw immediately the floor to ceiling pantry full of food, the refrigerator and freezer full of food in the kitchen, the deep freezer in the garage full of food, the mini fridge/freezers in each of the boys’ rooms stocked with juice, Gatorade, healthy protein snacks without preservatives (what her son with epilepsy needs the most). She saw that the boys had clothing, clean beds and bedding, toiletries, running water, electricity, air conditioning. Despite the unexpected home visit, the house was clean and in good order. The investigator performed an on site drug test and pill count and found nothing abnormal. Her investigation was closed within 4 days, except the court case remains open and the judge has not reviewed the case further than appointing the private Guardian ad Litem. 

However, Bryn’s former husband had hired a former Prosecutor for DCF who spent her time barraging Bryn with emails and threats. Since Jan 24, 2022, Bryn has had reduced timesharing to every other weekend, due to lack of counsel. There is an order in place that is essentially a “case plan”, except it’s not through DCF. The Guardian ad Litem hired is being paid for by her former husband and was assigned to the case on 2/17/2022 and has yet to complete a report of any findings as of 6/18/22. The family (Bryn, the boys and her former husband) are to attend reunification therapy, yet Bryn has been the only one attending with her sons and her former husband has only made the boys available twice. (Therapy is to be weekly at a cost of $37.50 to Bryn.)

Before being served with this case action, Bryn had just become employed and had completed training. However, due to her unexpected unavailability due to being required to go to drug testing (where they cut off 3 sections of her hair to the scalp), substance abuse evaluation (that Bryn paid for out of pocket and there were no issues found), court hearings, mediation, meeting with the Guardian, and reunification therapy sessions, Bryn was not able keep her job. 

The Guardian ad Litem told both of Bryn’s parents “this would be easier if she had a full time, paying job.” Despite Bryn looking for a full time job, she has not found one. The logic behind obtaining one while this case is ongoing makes no sense. She will still be required to go to reunification therapy with her sons, court hearings, etc; thus making Bryn miss time from work when she’s a newly hired employee without paid time off accumulated. There is a concern that she will just be continually let go from jobs because of the situation her former husband has put her and her children in. Despite this, Bryn is still applying for jobs and being declined for positions she is perfectly qualified for. 

Money is being raised to assist Bryn in paying for a retainer for an attorney ($4,000) and her attorney fees relating to her case (at least $7,000). We are raising money as well to assist her with staying on her feet during this tumultuous time in her and her childrens' lives. This is especially important due to the fact that her divorce is not finalized yet, which means no alimony or temporary support has been ordered to be paid to her. Yet every month, Bryn has managed to scrape together enough to make it by, but now there isn’t anything left to scrape together. 

There is a priority on keeping Bryn in her current home where her rent was just raised to $1995.00 from $1500.00, making sure her cell phone stays on $85.00/month, she is also in need of a new lawn mower and has found one for $119.00 Home Depot that is electric, which due to the gas prices is best: (
Her old one ended up with a cracked engine somehow and stopped running. Her yard must be maintained due to the HOA and her lease agreement. The last thing anyone wants is to have Bryn be evicted over an overgrown yard. 

The boys, who are turning 15, 16 and 16 in July, are in need of new clothing and shoes due to outgrowing the clothes they have at her house. With school starting again in August, this will be important to Bryn as this time nears and hopefully is able to return to the 50/50 time sharing they once had. 

Bryn has been the constant steady stay at home parent for her children for the past eight years due to her son's epilepsy diagnosis and her own health issues that resulted in many hospital stays over those years and eventually major surgery in 2018 that nearly resulted in her death. In addition to being a stay at home mother, and caregiver/caretaker of the household, Bryn has committed many hours of volunteer work for an independent Media Group, work involving inmate reintegration preparation, started a media company with a co-owner/partner, became a campaign assistant for an Arizona Congressional candidate in AZCD4 and has been working towards completing her Paralegal certification. She is 6 classes short of completing this, and will not be able to finish due to these circumstances unless she pays cash.

Bryn is working on applying for disability through the Social Security Administration, and as many of you may be aware, that can take upwards of a year to be approved. 

Her monthly bills are as follows:
Rent $1995
Electric $160
Natural Gas $80
Cell Phone $85
Water $130
Internet $145 
Car Insurance $220 
Gas for Car $175
Groceries $500
School Lunches $60 ($10/per child per week- Every other week)
Misc expenses/Subscription $75
Medications $175
Reunification Therapy 162.50
Total $3,962.50

The reality is this can happen to anyone at any point in time. Bryn had a plan and had it not been for the physical violence in front of her children at the hands of her current husband, she would not have had to accelerate things and change the scope of everything involved to a point where it is now. 

Regardless of the circumstances, groceries still need to be bought and the bills don't stop coming in. Anything you can give is appreciated sincerely by those who hate to see Bryn go through this, but want nothing more than to help her get through this phase of things. 


Week #1 Update #1
November 12, 2021
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So far Bryn has been doing pretty good, all things considered. She submitted the request for the police reports from both 9/22 and 11/7 on 11/10. Yesterday, on 11/11, she changed the deadbolt to a very secure deadbolt and was able to find something to better secure her back patio slider. 
Today Bryn FINALLY spoke with someone from Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Victim Advocacy department. It is reported that the conversation went really well, that Bryn is on track to prepare her Domestiv Violence Restraining Order and meet with her advocate on Monday to review and file it. 
Bryn also found out that the event on 9/22 was classified as a "Domestic Violence-Simple Battery", which screams the question, "Why didn't they arrest him to protect her? Had they done that the event on 11/7 would not have happened. The event on 11/7 has to report; it is just a dumb cover page with basic info and classified as a "Domestic situation- non-violent". So, fractured hand, objects thrown and broken, verbal abuse, psychological abuse, financial abuse... but non-violent. 
Bryn had to pay the internet bill to reconnect service today, because Spectrum will only allow you to be $50.00 behind. She did this after buying groceries for her voracious eaters- that include the dog and their two cats. She said, "I had to pay it, I can't fill out my paperwork to protect myself and get the resources I need and try to find a job and have the kids be able to do their homework without my internet, and I am afraid to leave the house unattended in case he shows up." 
That basically wraps up Week 1's update for now. 
Thank you all for prayers and love and support for Bryn and her boys. 


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