My friend needs help to get her life-partner Jose, a Cuban to safety before he is unjustly accused of another crime, and unjustly incarcerated again. Being educated, and a hard worker, Jose is prepared to seek asylum in another country, as Jose has been a victim of the archaic political system.

Three years ago, Jose, a compassionate, kind not so young religious man and Jennifer met at a local restaurant in Cuba. Their relationship started very light, but in a short time, they recognize they were soulmates. Jennifer stayed in the small town in the South-East coast of Cuba for many months at a time. Despite the Culture differences the couple became inseparable.

It was only a few months into their relationship that Jose was randomly arrested the first time. The charges were not clear, but what was apparent was that he had been a target by the Cuban Police. After several days the matter was cleared up when Jennifer could irrefutably prove that Jose was in another province on the date of the suspect crime.

The couple thought this was an isolated situation, but Jennifer & Jose became more aware of their surroundings, and document their lives. It was necessary as Jose was arrested 3 more times in the next year. All these arrests were false charges, and it appears Jose had become a target.

Most recently in January/2022 Jose was arrested with undisclosed charges, incarcerated for 11 days, and terrorized with questions related to other countries. Putting Jose in deteriorating health, he was released to his God-father without charges.

Jose has been violated by the Cuban Regime, and has had his character discredited, with deteriorating health each time he has been incarcerated. In his most recent arrest, all Jose's belongings medication and a large amount of cash were stolen by the Police. He was left with his identification only.

We are seeking prayers and funds to get Jose out of Cuba Safely, with Legal Council. To protect Jose & and Jennifer's safety I have had to omit some information, but Jennifer has kept a journal of the events for over three years. Upon Jose's freedom, an e-book “Jelous Eyes”, the ongoing story of this couple, and will be released to the kind and generous donors who contributed to Jose's Exit from Cuba. This is a real life story, not a beach bride fairy-tale.

You are strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.

Globally, The Cuban Regime has been addressed for Human Rights Violations as recently as this week by the United Nations.  Cuba is a country that violates Human rights of their own people as acknowledged by Human Rights World Reports 2021 and Amnesty International, and Repression of Free Speech.

Recently Amnesty International Published this video.