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Hello, and welcome to our adoption journey! Thank you for taking the time to read our story and for considering giving to our adoption fund.

We've been married for 14 years, and we have two biological children on earth and one in heaven. Our daughter was born after an infertility scare and nearly 2 years of trying. What a gift she was. Our second pregnancy was a happy surprise, but devastatingly we miscarried. Our son was born a little over a year later, and he was a miracle after miscarriage! Shortly after his birth, God opened our hearts and minds to adoption. We knew we were missing one. We researched international adoption and thought we would someday adopt from Haiti or Africa. However, the process was scary, and the timing never seemed right. Then international adoption was shut down in Africa, and adopting from Haiti became near impossible, so we felt like our dream to adopt was crushed. But still, we sought out people who would tell us their adoption stories and we continued to think, pray, research and stew it all over. Five years later, we were still stewing it over and we finally asked ourselves why we never thought to adopt locally. So, we dove into that idea, and something was different this time. It felt right and we felt ready. After a call with an adoption lawyer, we made the announcement...we are adopting! 

We fully believe that God has been preparing us for this moment since day one. Our baby is out there somewhere, and it's finally time to find him/her! And while we don't have all of the details yet, we know that the process is likely a long one, and we anticipate added emotions and stress. But we believe in a God who equips those He has called. He led us here, and He will provide for us to the end. We are so excited and scared, and we're so ready for wherever this journey takes us. Our hope and prayer is that you'll come alongside us and support us prayerfully and financially. We can't do this alone.

We want to be very transparent about where these funds are going, so that you feel comfortable giving. We know that the initial application fee and home study fees will add up to a little over $2,500, so that is our first goal. After that, our lawyer told us to expect anywhere from $16,000-$24,000. The funds raised here will only go towards adoption fees- lawyer fees, agency fees, birth mother support, placement fees, etc. Thank you so much for being a blessing to us and for enabling us to bless a child while also completing our family <3


God's Timing
September 29, 2022
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Hey, thanks for being here. It's been a while since our last update, but that's because there hasn't been much to update! The turning in of our paperwork has been temporarily halted due to a personal conflict, but I'm happy to say that we'll finally be able to turn it in next week!! Along with the initial $300 application fee. After that comes the home study, which we're told is about a 3 month process, and $2,300.

So, while we've been sitting on our paperwork, we've been happy to do all the things- clean house, buy things like a fire extinguisher and a carbon monoxide alarm, add safety features to the hot tub, create a fire escape plan, raise funds- all the things! It really is quite a process.

Fundraising has been one of our main focuses. We've been selling things like homemade jams, pesto sauce, bread, elderberry syrup, essential oil roll ons, etc, and we'll continue to make and sell whatever we can to bring in little bits of money here and there. Every little bit counts! However, we had our first BIG fundraiser success last week, raising almost $900 with a chair auction! All of the fundraising, combined with the straight up generosity of people, and we have enough to cover the initial fees! And just in time too! It's been so cool to see how people have rallied around us- family, friends, and even strangers! We're blessed, and we're thankful.

As things progress slowly, we're so grateful to be in a position where we're not overly concerned about the timing. We aren't in a hurry, and that's a blessing in and of itself. When I get a little anxious about what our future will bring, I remind myself that God's timing is perfect. 

Thank you for your support,


PS. Our next BIG fundraiser is looking to be a good one! We're holding a Rummage-Plant-Bake Sale on October 7 & 8, and again, the people in our little community are showing up for us in a big way. Please keep us in your prayers as we move forward in this process!   

We're in! Sort of...
August 8, 2022
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Hey friends, 

First of all, we want to thank all of our friends and family members who have supported us so far on this journey. Your kind words and generosity fuel us! So here goes, update #1...

When we put this site together, we were fresh off Zooming with the adoption lawyer. We were given the basic "getting started" info which consisted of a breakdown of fees and action steps. So, at that point, we knew it would cost $300 to put our application in with the agency, $2,250 to complete a home study, and $1000 to retain the lawyer. But first, we needed to have a conversation with someone at the agency.

I'm happy to report that we just got out of the [Zoom] meeting with the agency, which is sort of like a pre-screen before they send the application, and we're in! Well, sort of. She emailed us the application and said that after we fill it out and send it in, we'll be approved within a week! So, the ball is officially rolling and we're excited...and anxious...and excited! After the application is approved, we will start planning out a timeline for our home study meetings. That should about a 3 month process. Once the process is complete, we will be "in waiting." And only God knows how long we'll wait. But we know that our child is out there, and we'll just be over here loving him/her from afar until the day we get to hold that sweet child in our arms and bring them home at last <3

In the meantime, we want to express our thankfulness to you for following along on this journey, and for supporting us with your prayers, skills, resources, etc. We're SO grateful for you!   


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