Jesus speaking: “Now wherever you go, make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And teach them to faithfully follow all that I have commanded you.” Matthew 28: 19-20


If you spoke with me 10 years ago, all I talked about was The Great Commission of Jesus Christ. If you spoke to me since the beginning of the pandemic, all you’ve heard is “Love Thy Neighbour.” Our vision is to marry the two, and we’re doing so by having hour-long daily teachings with Pastor Dan in New Jersey, living that out on a day-to-day basis all we learn and then hitting the road with our message of hope. 


In the last decade The Nicavangelists have taken the Gospel throughout Central America, Mexico, the US, the UK, (And with Youth With A Mission to…) Spain, Portugal, Morocco and Nepal. Our vision to take on the Great Commission of Jesus Christ through the lens of love (heart of God) in 2021 has taken us to… Nicaragua.


Just a few months ago we travelled to Bluefields on Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast. Yes, we performed our street theater production and then engaged folks by talking to them and praying with them. However, we also knew we were going to bring some Creole orphans home with us. 


AND THAT we did… 14 year old Darriel’s mother was raped and Darriel was born out of a product of that nasty incident. Mum doesn’t want him and said we could “have him.” A British missionary filled in many of the gaps to do with his name, age, history, etc. Darriel is autistic, and it’s been a bumpy ride but he’s still with us and we’re WINNING!


Ten-year-old Akon’s mother was murdered in a gang fight. Akon’s father is in prison and wants nothing to do with him. Akon is an insanely talented, inquisitive, mischievous young man. He is our “star performer” and although gets into trouble every single day, will win. He has aunties who want him, but he, along with Darriel, lived in a family of orphans on the streets. 


In February The Nicavangelists will return to Bluefields (And Corn Island) with Darriel and Akon too. We are collecting another young man who was finishing primary (elementary) school, as well as others from the family of orphans who live on the streets. 


Please consider supporting this important outreach. Yes, we’ll share our hope in God, our culture, our talents, but we’ll also complete an important Love Thy Neighbour project. We’re going after the orphan(s) and the widow (Rebuilding Akon’s grandmother’s home, which was taken out in a hurricane).


A fascinating place, Bluefields was named after Abraham Blauvelt, a Dutch-Jewish pirate. It has a population of approximately 50k and is home to most of Nicaragua’s Afro-descendants and some of Nicaragua’sindigenous Miskito population. Interesting. Feels like a world away when compared with Managua.


Bluefields became capital of the British protectorate over the Mosquito Coast in 1678, that is why English is widely spoken throughout the city. I will be expressing myself in my mother tongue, and believe you-me, they won’t be able to shut me up.


During the United States interventions (1912–15, 1926–33) in Nicaragua, US Marines were stationed in Bluefields. In 1984, the United States mined the harbor as part of the Nicaraguan Revolution. We are going in peace, we want folks to know of the love we have for them.


Bluefields was destroyed by Hurricane Joan in 1988 but was rebuilt. The city has received quite the battering over the past few hundreds of years, consequently Bluefield residents are extremely impoverished, the unemployment rate is very high. We will LOVE OUR NEIGHBOURS!


Bluefields was only accessible by air and boat until just a couple of years ago. The city is only 262 kms from Managua as the crow flies, but the distance by road is 372 kms. It’ll take 8 hours to get there (An eternity in an un-airconditioned bus with our crew), because the journey is mountainous and because… well… it’s Nicaragua! The roads are congested with buses, horses/oxes and carts, cattle, dogs, yeeeeees, even chickens… If only they’d just cross the road! Haha!


And so we go… Please believe with us for a BRIGHT FUTURE for ALL Nicaraguans…


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"Beloved children, our love can’t be an abstract theory we only talk about, but a way of life demonstrated through our loving deeds. We know that the truth lives within us because we demonstrate love in action, which will reassure our hearts in his presence." (1 John 3: 18-19)