I am born raised in the Lonestar state Brian blackman

my blood lines matter going back to a Viking Kingdom of bernicia merica est yr 420 I'm king Ida Blackman white Viking we signed the first mercenary contract to colonize the world Ætherith the rith in time and space 

BERNICIA Kingdom then went to basque colonized murica contracted Latins and Sunni Muslims to build the ships to come to America to colonize America first as the confederacy from kingdom bernicia merica basque murica

confederate states of America blood lines of veteran family bloodlines one grandfather fighting for America in WW2 his last name blackman his family fight for c.s.a in civil war where I get my Viking B.L.M of king Ida

 one a communicant officer in the navy farmer last name they burnt our farm down in the civil war farm house and field cause the farmer family was the taxers of the farms this was depressing to my hard working c.s.a blood lines cause 

They were trying to put one cornerstone in the foundation of the government ever man is not equal in a capitalism system you have trust fund children middle class and orphans

 they took us to a civil war due to the fact the government is built on two lines we tried to build it's to evolve with logic and humanity

 they took us to war over emotional politics building the USA on emotion and humanity  to have a evolution of government policies they have to be logical and humanity

 the whole building this government on emotions and humanity has it oppressing you all over some ones emotional out Burst 

They have done nothing but oppressed heritage of true logic of blood lines matter to the point only thing that matters is there emotional agenda 

My grandmothers blood lines matter one Jackson with a preserved historical burial ground in Texas cause they fought for Texas's independency for the borders and the Alamo and they gave the borders boundaries away 

My other grandmother that married the farmer blood lines is basques she was a communication officer in the military to 

I love my blood lines they made me a diverse man being that 3 blood lines are white and 1 basque Latin it made me proud to grow up knowing I am a Viking Latin king

 it's why I am here to help people understand the contradiction to these peoples agenda emotional politics and Policy oppressively has made this black life's matter

 I don't want to see children raised in white guilt or Latin guilt due to the affirmative action of black life's matter it's time to show people the contradiction to the entitlement of this gaslighting psychology of black life's matter with blood lines matter let my Lonestar shine Lonestar bars and stars