As many of you know Becky, Lauren and Daniel Bachman were tragically killed July 8 in a car accident on the way home to Georgia after vacationing with their Michigan Family.  We have been overwhelmed with the generous offers to help financially with the all the expenses.  Due to this outpouring of love and support that we have received during this time of grief, we are setting up this fund for those who have expressed their desire to contribute to help with the financial cost involved with the funeral, burial, and Jake’s future. Any donations exceeding these costs of the funeral and burial will go directly to Jake Bachman in trust fund for his education.   

Becky was an amazing daughter, sister, mom, and nurse.   Lauren, sweetest 15 year old girl with heart of gold and Daniel, handsome  13 year old that always lifted your spirits with his contagious smile.  We take comfort in knowing that they are in the presence of our Sovereign Father. 

Many of you have asked for funeral arrangements.  We will have more information about the date once Jake's doctors clear him for travel.   Please continue to pray for Jake's physical and emotional healing.

 Update on Jake- He is home in Georgia continuing the emotional and physical healing process. Please continue to pray for him as he has a very long road of healing ahead of him. Also, continue to prayer for our families. A funeral date will be announced in the next few days. We are waiting for the doctor to clear Jake for travel to Michigan. Thank you for you love, support, and prayers.

Update- We appreciate your kind words, prayers, love and generous donations.  We believe we have enough funds to cover the funeral and burial costs at this time.  Any donations exceeding this amount will be put into a trust fund for Jake's education.

This fund has been set up by the immediate family of Becky (Reece) Bachman.  The contacts for heading up  this fund are Karen(Reece) and Brent Burman and Katie (Reece) and Ed Ryan.