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Hello my name is Henry, I want to tell you about a beautiful Christian girl with the heart of jesus. I net mrs Katie in 2015 when she was pregnant with a baby that was given to her by force. She was sad but happy hurt but loving.she refused to give the baby up even though her family turned their back on her. To this day they have nothing to do with her. I've been in her life every since. I try to be her best friend and daddy to her children I'm so proud of her for giving up everything for a child that she didn't ask for. She needs help in many ways. I can only do so much .I have devoted my life to helping her and have fallen in love with the children they are everything to both of us. The problem is we can't afford the medical Bill's on gage and I have recently had a financial problem pop up and can't do as I used to for them. Please if any one can help please do I find a place for them but is has fallen into foreclosure since my accident. I was crushed at my knees by a vehicle I was working number is 3187625999. I still work as much as I an but it's not enoughf.i would be willing to take on a business partner if we could hire a good mechanic I would do 50/50 but I just can't do it my self anymore. I so scared they will loose all I have tried to help them with. Please help Henry ramirez


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July 20, 2019
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I'm not really good at all this computer stuff so if you are good please share. Katie us really in need soon.


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