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Campaign Created by: Christina Sieradzki

The funds from this campaign will be received by Diana Sullivan.

Raised : USD $ 875

Thank you for taking the time to read my campaign! I am raising funds for my sister, Diana, and her beautiful family to help with their IVF procedure. My sister and her husband, Corey, are of the few blessed to have met early in life. They were in class in elementary school together, boyfriend and girlfriend in middle school and by college age they were happily married.  Anyone who has met them often knows these two are meant for each other; Corey being the easy going comedy relief in life, my sister being the planner and organizer. They balance each other perfectly. It seemed the world was their oyster and the life they planned together was charmed. Right away my sister was eager to start a family, wanting nothing more than to be a mother. We were raised by an amazing woman. Our mother taught us to put God first in life and how to have a personal relationship with him, and she did it alone. Watching our mom strive so hard to give us the best of herself, then later surviving a toxic marriage only strengthened our desire to have a family modeled after God's design. 

This is where the easy season of life turned to a challenge for my sister and brother-in-law. They could not conceive, and for years had no explanation why. For 13 years we watched them try, battle disappointment and suffer heartbreaking loss. Then as God always does in his timing, the IVF took and we were all blessed with Arabella, an answered prayer.  Arabella is now two years old, and simply amazing. Although she is more to be thankful for, they can't help but feel  incomplete.  They want Arabella to have a sibling. As my sister put it, she can't imagine not having her siblings in her life and when she looks at her beautiful daughter her heart aches to give that to her.  This is where I am asking for help to complete this family. 

Help give Belle a brother or sister, this is their last shot. You see they had two embryos left and one recently, sadly, didn't take. Diana tried to act brave knowing she had lost the baby, but inside her heart was breaking. Now, as she approaches the transfer of their final little embryo, she is facing an unexpected surgery of a painful cyst on her back which is going to cause further delay and expense.

As you may know these procedures are anything but affordable. Corey and Diana are both working full time to keep their heads above water and their home intact. There is a time limit as to how long they will keep the embryo without another substantial fee. I ask you to pray for them and may God bless you for your thoughtfulness. He is above all things and through him nothing is futile. If you feel it in your spirit to give to this fund, I pray God blesses you for your sacrifice. Thank you again for taking the time to read their story and may you be blessed in all that you do.


Update #1
April 29, 2022
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Dear friends and family,

The outpour of love and support you've shown us is just what we needed to get through the past couple months. We had a little set back with an unexpected surgery I had in February. Now, it's finally time! To transfer our very last sweet embryo. Continued prayers, love and support are always welcome. God has blessed my husband and I in so many ways over the years as long as in his timing. Our 1st abundant blessing was given to us after 14 years, Arabella. She truly is answered prayers. We are beyond grateful that you all have contributed to this possible gift of life, giving her a sibling and completing our family. We'll update soon!

Love - The Sullivan Family 


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