AWESOME Hot Sauce is our product line, and the name of our store in Old Town San Diego. For the past 9 years Rebecca and I have been hand chopping, hand whisking, and handcrafting every drop of our 35 varieties of Hot Sauce. 6 years ago when our daughter was born we knew we had to protect her from the clutches of California, so we moved to Yuma. This meant lots of commuting and higher labor costs. The overhead has grown to $7,000 or more each month, meaning I need to make $7,000 worth of hot sauce just to hit Zero (0) each month! Things have only gotten more expensive, so we are having to part with our store. We haven't been able to afford more labels for our products, and we emptied our safe to pay for this last shipment of sauce bottles. During this transition where we put our focus on internet sales and a presence in our own town, we need some help so we're not in danger of missing a rent payment. We can do this in 2 ways. Either by assisting the fundraiser here, or by internet orders at We appreciate and are grateful for any help. The world is flipped upside down lately. We work very hard just to scrape by and it didn't used to be that way. At the end of June we are handing over our store and focusing on the internet and local sales. Please help us make the transition. Who knows how long supplies will be available for the product with the way the supply chain is eroding.