We are raising funds so we can purchase and open our first non-profit school. The educational system in North America has suffered over the past decades. It is our goal to provide better education to the students of North America by opening at least one school over the coming decades in every major city. Doing this will give us the leverage to not only create a better educational system, but it will create a uniform educational system that will be similar across every province and state.

We are setting ourselves up to be the cheapest and best option available for parents whether you are sending your children to in person learning or whether you are wanting help home schooling your children. We have a goal to make schooling so cheap for students that the government educational systems will no longer be needed. Since we will be a private non-profit school, we won't have to answer to any executive share holders which means we won't need to make any profits. This means all the money raised through charitable donations to the non-profit school, will always be put directly towards the students and the teachers.

Right now schools have to pay market value for their school supplies rather then buying them at cost. This increases every schools overhead which means they need more funding. This means taxes need to be increased so the government's can pay these costs or the costs are passed to the parents with increased tuition fees. Also, schools are passing on these costs by giving parents school materials lists that every parent is forced to purchase for their children before the start of every school year. We have a goal to remove this cost to parents, by having our schools supply all of these materials at no additional cost to the parents.

We also have plans to provide lunches at our schools for all students at no additional cost to the parents. These costs will be paid for by our tuition fees and with the savings we are finding from the reduced cost of our school supplies. This means added savings to parents will be of a monetary value and of time savings since parents won't need to buy or make lunches for their children everyday. The labor for these meals will be provided by teachers and students of our food studies classes. This will give students an opportunity to learn how to cook healthy meals for themselves while providing a cost savings to the schools so we can afford to supply lunches to the students.

Awareness for the Better schools will be working on moving all classes to an online style of learning, this will allow us to have in person students and also online students all at the same time. This will allow us to have larger classes while not having larger classrooms. This will provide a savings for parents that are wanting to homeschool their children as they will have a smaller tuition fee if homeschooling, but there is always the option to switch to in person learning if their situation changes for some reason. We will also be working with parents that want to take advantage of boarding schools. If we have a school near you but you don't happen to live in the same city as our school we will room and board for your child at the expense of an increased tuition fee.

The benefits to us by using a more online style of teaching is that we are going to be able to standardize our classes more easily across the board. We are also going to be able to broadcast a lesson to multiple classrooms from one specific teacher. This will allow us to hire more highly educated teachers with a very specific education in their particular field. This will lead to students being taught by experts in every filed of study and we will also be able to record these lessons and use them throughout multiple years, as long as the curriculum stays the same. Doing this will also allow us to hire teachers that are not only educated in a particular field but that will be educated in child psychology. This will be of an added benefit to our students because the teachers will know how to deal with all types of students more constructively.

It is our goal to get children out of abusive situations that can sometime arise from teacher interactions. This is why we feel it is more important now then ever before to have teachers that don't abuse students. It is also important to have teachers that know how to deal with school bullying and that can help children with emotional trauma when needed. Instead of just having one counsellor for the entire school, we feel that all teachers should be trained in counselling so that the counselling is never needed after the fact because it was dealt with properly in the moment. This is why our teachers will be required to do upgrading every year so that they are constantly learning how to become better teachers. This also gives them the chance to learn new techniques for dealing with children as those techniques become available.

All of our schools will also be religion based, meaning we will be teaching all of our students about all of the worlds religions. This will give our students a background in everything religious and spiritual. Our children will learn about the world community as a whole, which will give them a greater understanding of how the world works and how others are actually coming to their decisions. This is of vital importance because people need to learn how to be more tolerant of others in todays society. As the worlds population increases all people need to learn better ways of dealing with others. Everyday we are all living with larger populations of people all around us. This causes it to feel like the world is shrinking as more and more groups move in amongst each other everyday. 

The only way for dissimilar groups of people to get along with each other is through understanding one another. This understanding can only come into existence through learning and teaching about others beliefs. This is the only way that we can learn tolerance of each others differences, and this is why we are dedicated to making a school for all creeds and races. Where we teach about all cultures because this is the only way for people to come to an understanding of one another. This is why our public educational systems have failed us, it's because they don't teach anything religious or spiritual so people are not raised with a feeling or sense of what it is to be apart of humanity. They are being raised as if they were disconnected to humanity which is teaching people to be more selfish and less selfless.

The children are our future and with a bad educational system comes illogical and intolerant adults. This is why we see so much war and disconnection between people these days. All of our children need and deserve the best education possible and if we want a better world to live in when we are older, then we need to start doing something about it today. This project will not pay dividends in the near term but it is a system that if created now, then we can all benefit from it in the future. There is no need to tie our children's futures to political agendas or to people that have no proven track record of educational success. It is time to take back our children's futures and to put it back into our hands.

Governments have proven to us that they mismanage everything that they touch. Many government businesses of the past have failed and gone bankrupt. Many agencies have been known to inflate their expenses so that they can get larger budgets for the following years. This leads to unappropriated goods just going to waste or to over paid government officials that have inflated their salaries but aren't worth the amount of money they are being paid. Our well paid teachers will be in contact with industry leaders and will have a say in what we are teaching our students. They will help decide what we are going to do with the funds the schools have available to them. Our schools will be ran more like a teacher co-op and since we are a non-profit school we won't need to cut corners just to make profits. All funds will go into our treasury which will be dispersed for the students and the teachers use.

We really hope that you feel the same as we do when it comes to a better education for our children. This will help all of us in the end including the unborn children of the future. Lets prepare our children for the future so we can feel confident to leave this world for them to run while we look forward to a comfortable retirement for ourselves. Lets give them the tools they need so that mankind can flourish on this planet for many more centuries to come. We hope that you inform everyone that you know of this fundraiser and we hope that you are able to give something. Every little bit will help and the more we raise the faster we can change the school system. Lets change the world together so our children have a chance in the future to follow their bliss. Thank you