From Adam forward, the Lord has been setting up His Kingdom through revelation and restoration, constantly bringing men and women of faith through the fray and into the fold He designed.

In every generation, Father raises up Moseses who train up Joshuas and Calebs who refuse to back down in the face of Giants but have the audacity to say 'this is what the Spirit of Almighty God has promised us and in the Power and Authority of Jesus, we're here to demonstrate His Kingdom'.

Just like Elijah, Paul, and every named and unknown standard bearer in history, there are those commissioned with a Holy Fire and the gravity and grace to stand against principalities and powers and thrones and dominions with the Righteousness of Christ and the boldness that comes from the Crucible of His trials. Those like me who say, 'we have the audacity to do and say whatever He tells us and go wherever He sends'.

Now we're looking for those who will help us.  Will you be one?

Receive a prophet in the Name and honor of the prophet and you will receive their reward - Jesus

It is time.