Dear friends, family, and compassionate souls,

Our dear friend Annette Heagler lost her daughter, Taylor Marie Heagler, at 27 years of age this past week after a hard fight in the hospital. Taylor who was diagnosed with SMA at 12 months old was unable to come back from a heart attack which left her already compromised body too fragile to sustain itself on it’s own. 

Annette Heagler, Taylor’s mother, a massage therapist from the houston Texas area, never left her side hopeful that Taylor, her “little fighter,” might pull through. This left Annette with a period of no income as she does not get paid time-off when she misses work.  

As Annette’s close friends, we are asking  for financial contributions to help Annette stay solvent through this time of grief and without the undo pressure of bills piling up. We have put together this fund to allow Annette to take the time off that is necessary to adjust to life without Taylor. 

Any amount you gift will go directly to Annette and will be deeply appreciated.  

Please share on social media with friends and acquaintances who may have it in their heart to support Annette Heagler and the memory of her daughter, Taylor heagler. 

If you’d prefer to Venmo Annette directly her Venmo is @Annette-Heagler

If you have any questions please reach out to Megyn Blanchard, or Kay Simon,