Hi, I'm April LaJune and my show is the America Matters Radio Show. I started this broadcast seven years ago and through lot of ups and downs, miraculously, I'm still broadcasting on YouTube. However, I've been demonitized by them for about the last 4 years. The offense? Telling the truth. I rely on contributions from generous Patriots interested in real information the Main Stream Media won't tell you. That's the only way that I'm able to continue.

In addition to broadcasting on YouTube, we're now on Twitch.TV and Rumble. These are not platforms where you can monetize your channel and ensure your financial stability like it was on YouTube when my channel was monetized. 

This is why I need your help.

The American people and those around the world need to know what's going on and without Independent Journalists and their First Amendment rights, you wouldn't be able to know the truth behind government facades that rule us daily.

It takes funding from good people to ensure those of us who are working in the trenches of this government machine are able to continue.

With your monthly donation, I'll be able to keep giving you the real information you need in order to keep yourself, your family and friends well informed on subjects that effect your ability to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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