My name is Amelia Allen, I am 17 years old, and I have the opportunity to have an amazing learning experience this summer at Student Leadership University 301.  Two summers ago I spent time in Orlando, FL (SLU 101) learning about the importance of having a strong foudation in faith as I begin the journey of becoming a leader in my community.  Last summer, I spent a week in Washingto D.C. at SLU 201, learning from national leaders and witnessing the legacy of our Founding Fathers as I began to explore my own role in how our nation works.

This summer I have the opportunity to travel to Europe to attend Student Leadership University 301. This is a wonderful opportunity for me to learn about World History from some of the worlds top Christian educators. I will learn about the sacrifices made by our soldiers while on the beach in Normandy, France, the history of the church, while touring St. Paul's Cathedral in London and, I will learn about some of our most influential writers, including C.S. Lewis, while visiting his place of worship at Holy Trinity Chruch in Oxford, England.

This is a one of a kind opportunity and I would be so extremely grateful for any donation you would be willing to make.

Most importantly, I would appreciate your prayers as I continue on this journey. Please pray that God opens my heart and mind to what He has to teach me in these upcoming months and on this trip.

I look forward to sharing my experience when I get back!!

Thank you so much.