I have recently discovered I have a very debilitating illness that unfortunately not many doctors treat for in the USA. I am trying to raise funds to help me get access to a doctor to treat me. Unfortunately it is only me who provides for myself and I can only work as an independent contractor right now where I can set my own hours. My health is diminishing quickly and I need medical help in order to be able to provide for myself. I am leaving this in God's hands for I alone cannot do anything. I have my faith and this is the works I am able to do right now. I am grateful for ANY amount given and by the Grace of God I can pay it forward once I am able to.  I would not ask for help if there was any other way for me to get the funds, any donation will make a huge difference in my ability to live again before I turn 40. Thank you and may the Good Lord Bless you and your family.