Ross Duh Boss is starring in a new sitcom


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Set in the Think Tank studio (Ross' garage), Ross and his off-beat production crew make their hit indie TV show mocking the hollywoke media with quick wit and lie-shattering comedy. But bringing the funny back at the expense of the acceptable mainstream narrative is a David and Goliath battle not for the faint hearted. Fighting for what he believes in, laughing all the while, Ross soon has every media giant and left-wing pundit conspiring to see him permenently CANCELED! Will they succeed in their evil mission or will the truth teller save comedy from the cancer that is cancel culture?

Demonetization on social platforms has made it hard for Ross to continue paying the bills and keeping his show afloat but everything to Ross is another opportunity to laugh. Out of the blue, a conservative TV network offer appears to be a God-send that will solve their financial woes and take the show to the next level. But when Ross' face is suddenly plastered across all the mainstream news channels labelled a 'racist', threats of cancellation come from every direction; including friends and family. Nothing gets Ross down for too long though, and Alisha his asian wife stands by him through thick and thin. In his world every situation is just another opportunity to laugh at the insanity of the Left. 

Hollywoke studios would NEVER support this production. While the production company (Godwin Pictures LLC) is a Hollywood production company - with experienced Hollywood professionals - this show will be THE OPPOSITE OF 'WOKE' and it's only possible with YOUR support!! 

There is a void in funny right now - HELP US SAVE COMEDY!