My husband Albert was a wonderful man. He was my best friend. He was my Papa. He was kind and funny and always the first one to help someone in need. My husband led me to the Lord. On January 11 He passed away very unexpectedly. My husband and I just relocated back to Washington State and were staying in an hotel together before his passing. We were able to reunited and get custody over  my 16 year old daughter. My husband was the only one with an income in our family. We have got no money whatsoever and we do not know how we are going to pay to have my husbands memorial . All of his children and family are in Indiana and it is very important to me that they all get the opportunity to say good bye to him. He was my husband but he was also their father, brother, uncle and cousin… My daughter and I got relocated to a quality inn hoping to get help with housing… God Bless you and thank you!