This is a groundbreaking Christian movement to bring faith films to Africa!  

Will you join our passion to help these amazing Christian Filmmakers in Uganda, Africa that want to make a Christian film to change Africa for Christ?  Meet Wandera Joseph Mutusa.  Wandera was raised by a single mother and has eight brothers and sisters.


He recently said, “I want to make faith-based films because I want to spread the Word of God through movies because I may not be able to build a church, but I can make one movie that glorifies God.”


He has a heart for his country and his goals are huge; including educating the youth in Africa by creating the first African Christian Film School in Uganda.  Will you help us make this a reality?


We are looking to raise $5,000 to purchase and ship film equipment needed so that he can continue making Christian films and educate others on Christian filmmaking.   Maybe, you’re a filmmaker with unneeded older equipment?  Would you be willing to send it overseas to help Wandera Mutusa and his team?