Hello my name is Trevor Brown a fully independent media analyst, podcaster, and progenitor/ editor and chief of Acropolis News Network. The first fully independent media organization powered by liberty platforms (Minds.com, Rumble, Odysee, Gettr, Gab,etc), Blockchain, and peer to peer advertising. 

The purpose of this crowdfunding endeavor is to fund Animated adaptations of classic novels like the Odyssey, 1984, Romeo and Juliet, and some original shows animated or otherwise. ANN would also like to use these funds for journalistic endeavors. We would like to hire two or more free lance journalists and get started on one of these artistic projects by the end of the year. 

 As a special thanks to give send go we are dedicating 10% of all donations received to go directly to give send go. 

Your help not only helps us hold the corporate press accountable, but it also helps build culture and shares valuable literary lessons in a new medium.