Aaron's 100 is a legacy and memorial project founded by family and friends of 8 year old Aaron Wilkerson who battled courageously with a rare disease called Metachromatic Leukodystrophy.

“Aaron’s 100, Inc” (a non-profit 501(c)3 organization) has been formed with the goal to provide financial support for 100 mobility devices for 100 children each year to enhance physical mobility and freedom of movement for the child, as well as relieve parents of the financial and physical burden of mobility for their child with a faith-based component to share hope through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Aaron touched the lives of so many with his charismatic, charming personality, his courage fit for a seasoned warrior, and his ever-ready heart-warming smile. His legacy will live on through helping other boys, girls and families like his.

(A more formal roll-out of the non-profit details will be published soon. This campaign is for those who would like to give in memory of Aaron’s “Promotion to Heaven” party on September 10.)

The challenge: Aaron's parents spent several thousand dollars trying to help find solutions to help Aaron walk with assistance as well as on wheelchairs, specialized car seats and others before Aaron was diagnosed, as insurance wouldn’t cover mobility devices without a formal diagnosis.  

Beyond that, with generous help from others they spent many more thousands of dollars for a van to help transport Aaron in his Wheelchair once he was unable to be transported in a regular car seat.

The solution: Aaron's 100 is established to financially help other families who find themselves in that same gray area of needing real solutions for mobility while navigating insurance approvals.

Regardless of the amount donated, every single dollar will go directly to support the organization in helping other families who are affected by MLD and other rare diseases that cause mobility challenges in children. 

Should you feel the tug to partner with us in a more significant manner (personally or through your company), please reach out.

Aaron's 100 is managed and directed by a group of Board Members committed to the successful operation of this project in Aaron's Memory:

Matt Ragsdale, MD

William Denton, OD

Bronson Webb

Cliff Vaughan

Jenny Lloyd

Hal Wilkerson

Thank you so much for your kind generosity in helping relieve the burden of similar children as Aaron.