Worship and Watchmen Intercessory Missions Trip

Campaign Created by: Audrey McIntyre

The funds from this campaign will be received by Audrey McIntyre.

Goal: USD $5,000
Raised: USD $ 25

The doors have opened again, and we're going to Israel again to support and undergird the prayer house leaders in the land of Israel!

When Israel fought the Amalekites, Moses was called to raise his arms in prayer for the battle and his arms grew weary. When his hands were raised, Israel prevailed, but when his hands lowered the enemy prevailed. So Aaron and Hur helped to support his arms to keep his hands raised and in this way Israel was victorious (Exodus 17:10-13). This is a picture of the end-time Church reconnecting with Israel’s Remnant; to help lift their arms to support and strengthen them in the front lines of the battle in the land of Israel for the Kingdom of God upon the earth and for His holy church.

The Body of Messiah/Christ in Israel (Jews, Arab and other Gentile believers), is in great need of our help and support. To release greater praise and worship from His children from the nations into the land to help clear the spiritual skies; to connect with the existing 24/7 prayer and worship houses already in Israel. This is a vital connection for His end-time church; and for the 24/7 Worship and Watchmen prayer arising in the earth to fully recognize this call to send in re-enforcements, as missions into the land.

As House of Good Hope pastor, I will partner with the Reconnecting Ministries missions team and visit prayer houses throughout the land of Israel. We will soak the prayer leaders in prayer, encouragement, and prophecy. We also will sow into them by our leaving a generous offering to each prayer house.


6-24-22 Update #4 I have my plane ticket!
June 24, 2022
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Praise God I was able to reserve my plane ticket. I'm on my way to Israel! 

$2500-$3000 is still needed to pay for the hotel, bus fare, meals and tips. Please help fund this important intercessory missions trip.  For such a time as this....

6-24-22 Update #3
June 24, 2022
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Here is a video interview describing our prayer group.https://youtu.be/Tfdn8RSrRMs

6-24-22 Update #2 We now have a Worship & Watchmen Prayer Team
June 24, 2022
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A weekly Zoom prayer meeting has now been raised up to pray for us weekly. Some of them are now fasting as well as praying for us.

Update #1 $525 now raised!
June 24, 2022
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6-5-22. Donations amounting to $525 has now been raised. Praise God!


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