I have been called to support a drive to help raise money for a dear brother in Christ, Asif Rashid, and his wife Evangelist Ulfat who I have a great deal of respect and admiration. They are selflessly and diligently working to share the gospel message with the good people of Pakistan in the Punjab state who are hungry for truth and spiritual freedom.

Families are also very hungry and need food and clothing... Providing a place to gather, feed, and support the local people allows Asif to share the gospel truth of the Bible. Every dollar gets Asif closer to having his church to Glorify God and proclaim the name of Jesus in Pakistan...! Praise the Lord.

They need financial support to build a church building... It will be 1350 square feet for an awesome church building. A price of $58 USD will secure the purchase of one square foot of construction space. The total value needed is $78,500 USD to complete the project. ($99,000 Canadian Dollars)

Please support with anything you can... $10, $20, or perhaps $58 for 1 square foot.

Ask a friend also and together let's secure the entire amount and more for Asif so they can have this awesome space to worship and praise in... Will you help...?

Thank you in advance

Coach Gordon

Your Brother in Advancing the Kingdom