I am heading on a 40 day mission trip to the 10/40 window to a closed country in Asia. During the 40 days, our goal is to cover God’s children in His authority and the Word of God. To remind His children that they carry the power of Jesus inside of them through the Holy Spirit. To show His children their double portion anointing. To show His children that God is proud of the sacrifice and commitment they have made to Him. To shower this nation in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ and let the glory of the Lord radiate in this country. To show His children that they are a mouthpiece for God that He so desperately needs. We will be covering this nation in the truth of Jesus’ sacrifice and His Word and helping to fulfill Habakkuk 2:14 one person at a time.

For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.


Any extra money that is fundraised will be donated to the organizations I am working with during the 40 days. The organizations in this country that I will be volunteering my time to do the following on a daily basis: run an orphanage, empower church leaders, work with human trafficking victims, minister to lady boys, run bible studies in the slums, and both organizations shower everyone they meet with the LOVE OF CHRIST! THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATION!!