I am exhilarated to say that I'll be traveling to the Bahamas so that I can love on and give my service to a group at the Old Bight Cat Island Children's Home. Orphans have a soft spot in my heart, I will be pouring out all my love on these sweet children while I am there for the week. We will be doing many activities and games with the kids such as after school activities, bible club activities, sports, and worship. While the children are at school, we will be doing work projects on the house, church, or in the community. They will be teaching us how to crab and how life on the island is like. My group is already thinking of songs to share and who can play what sport and are eager for spring break to come.
As we prepare for what we will be doing there, we also pray that God will prepare our hearts and minds so that we will do his will and create a positive impact on these children. We pray that we would find the funds to do this mission and further his kingdom. Even if you are unable to help financially, I hope you would extend a prayer to us on this trip and for the kids we will be working with. Thank you for reading and your support!